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Help advertise TG with Movies

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  • Help advertise TG with Movies

    Thankyou !!

    Advertising TG with movies, really builds the player base,
    & attracts the quality teamplayers we want !

    please do these few things to help advertise TG...

    Make movies with talking teamplay
    This is what distinguishes our movies from all the others, let's demostrate what we want to see in new players ! For the best advice on making movies see here.

    Use the TG logo at the start of your movie
    We now have several custom movie intros that show off the TG name, see here. This gets the TG name and url right into the movie content

    Upload to YouTube in HD
    YouTube is triggered to be HD when videos are uploaded in resolution 1280*720

    Use the 'Tactical Gamer' name
    Add 'Tactical Gamer' to the movie title and on YouTube add the tag 'tacticalgamer' (one word), then in the 'Related Videos' section there will appear lots of other TG videos by different video makers

    In the video description link to the TG forums and TG server
    In the video description section, put a link to the TG website or the TG servers on Game Monitor or Game Tracker, so that an interested viewer can easily find us

    Start a thread in a forum outside of TG
    Start a thread in a forum other that TG, eg steam forum or developer's forum for a game

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    Re: Help advertise TG with Movies

    Thanks Silver, didn't realise there was a TG intro, I shall use it in future productions. :icon_smil


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      I know this thread is pretty dead but is there anywhere to still snag the TG video intro? Would love to have something like that for my clips!


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        Treefingers6 I think i have two versions of the intro if you need them Let me know.


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          Originally posted by Pro-ActiveDeath View Post
          Treefingers6 I think i have two versions of the intro if you need them Let me know.
          Thanks Pro! I'll shoot you a PM.




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