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    Recording all voices, including your own !
    A lot of Tactical Gamer videos demonstrate talking teamwork, and to do that you will need to record your voice along with your team mates. Putting videos on YouTube of good talking teamwork helps to recruit people just like us. There is now a straightforward solution to recording all voices, including your own, and that is to buy Fraps. Get more info here

    Gameplay recorders
    There are several recorders available to try out, see list in here

    Minimising the drain on your hardware while recording
    Many people want to try recording but they quickly find out that its drains their hardware dramatically and it usually puts people off even trying it again. The hardwear drain is not usually CPU or graphics card but hard drive write speed. There are two methods to reduce the hardware drain right down to a level where you can game with higher graphics and still record, they are;
    1. Have windows & the game on one hard drive and record the raw footage onto another hard drive. Doing it all on one hard drive is just too much of a bottleneck. The second hard drive for the raw footage can be an internal or external, for the external make sure its USB 2.0 for the faster write speeds and record at half screen size. For a second internal drive record at half screen or even try full screen, even on high res. This is the main method for alleviating hardware drain.
    2. Reduce the recording footage resolution, the resolution determines how much data is being written second to second onto the hard drive. There are two variations of this (a) play at 1280*720 and record full screen ie at 1280*720, this is usually the maximum a standard 7200RPM hard drive can write at. This is usually the lesser option because people do not want to play at a lower res (b) play at very high resolution ie 1920*1080 and record half screen ie 960*540, then when rendering scale up the res to 1280*720, so that when its uploaded to youtube it triggers the HD

    Teamspeak lowering game sound volumes when somebody talks
    If your footage has the volume of game sounds going down whenver somebody talks, then you can switch the teamspeak plugin off that does this. Goto settings >> plugins >> untick "volume control", see more info here


    Windows movie maker
    Windows movie maker comes free with windows xp and vista and is an excellent editor to start on as it free & quite intuitive & has many features
    For Battlefield games there is also a TG plug in to help you edit, see here

    Use the TG Intro movies & Credits Movie
    We now have several custom movie intros & credits that show off the TG name, see here

    Battlerecorder for Battlefield
    In Battlefield Games you can download the server file of the match after its over
    and film 3rd person views, this is done with battlerecorder or battledirector

    Copyrighted music / TV shows / films
    Be aware that Youtube scans videos for copyrighted music and will probably start scanning for copyrighted TV shows / films soon. So don't put copyrighted material into your videos.
    There is free music you can put on your videos, for example check out Moby or other free Creative Commons Music


    Video hosting websites
    90% of all video views are through YouTube, so you must upload there
    The biggest gaming specific site is WeGame

    YouTube widescreen
    Youtube widescreen is triggered by uploading a video at resolution 1280*720
    Youtube super widescreen is triggered by uploading a video at resolution 1920*960 and has slightly sharper image quality that 1280*720, so we recommend rendering up to 1920*960
    Also when you upload at this res, the default 'normal' res seems clearer as well, more info here

    Linking to YouTube HD
    You can set text links in the TG forums that link directly to YouTube pages in high definition HD, more info here

    Help advertise TG with movies
    Movies help to build the numbers of quality players we have in our community, help advertise TG, use the advice here

    Start threads to get people watching your videos
    Start a thread in the TG game forum to show off your video to TG and also you could start a thread in another forum other that TG, eg steam forum or developer's forum for a game

    Just for fun

    Xfire Live Broadcast
    You can stream video live as you play through xfire, more info here

    Websites that create fun videos for you
    There are fun websites that create and host the video for you, you just make up fun captions, see Bombay TV and xtranormal

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