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Wegame recording issue with major feedback

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  • Wegame recording issue with major feedback

    I'm trying to record sound with my Wegame client. The problem is that I'm trying to record the sound through my headset but causes major feedback with ventrilo running and destroys my friend's ears. What my goal is to record arena matches from WoW without Vent's sound but still using it to communicate with eachother. If that is not physically possible then having both sides available as sound would be good as well. Ive tried turning on stereo mix, but that causes the huge feedback problem, I've tried recording with sound through speakers but its way too faint. Ive also tried disabling the outbound mic setting under sound properties while stereo mix is on. My headset is sound card plugged and not usb. Sound card is a Realtek HD Audio. Is there any way to record sound with Wegame without the major feedback blasting my friends to death?

    Also I forgot to add, would the feedback not occur if it was a usb mic over the audio port plugs?
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    Re: Wegame recording issue with major feedback

    I have not used ventrilo with wegame to be able to comment, I use teamspeak, in general

    I would suggest, simplifying it down to the fewest pieces then test again
    ie just run the game and wegame (no vent or xfire or anything else), record and view the video results

    if the sound is ok then add another piece and test again

    I have Realtek HD Audio and have found it to be fine with wegame

    USB mics will probably fail to record sounds, at least thats my experience with them, i have found audio plugs into the soundcard are better




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