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  • Sound recording issue


    I have a problem with Fraps video recording.

    I'm using X-fi Xtrememusic and also Realtek HD Audio onboard sound. Under WinXP i dont have a problem recording with Fraps using X-fi. It detects best sound input as What u Hear so everything is ok. But i decided to sell my x-fi because i couldnt hear a big difference worth the money. Problem starts here.

    In WinXP the only way to record sound with Realtek HD is choosing Stereo Mix as recording device and select "use Windows settings" in Fraps. By doing that, i'm unable to use my mic for VOIP programs such as PRmumble and BF2 in game voip. They also use Stereo Mix to communicate, not the mic.

    I was planning to use Win7 so i installed it to another partition to see how things work there. Sound options are certainly improved and partially solved my problem but still not the most important thing.

    PRMumble lets me select sound inputs and outputs the way i want no matter what the Windows default settings are. BUT Fraps doesnt detect Stereo Mix with "detect best sound input" option, i still need to make Stereo Mix default recording device which ends up same as above with BF2 in game voip.

    What i need is Fraps detecting right source to record (stereo mix) without changing windows settings. Mic is %100 essential so i cant give it up.

    (I have a Creative Audigy LS which has decent sound but i heard they removed What u Hear option with Win7 drivers JUST to sell their new products. Source: CL forums).

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    Re: Sound recording issue

    hhmm not sure

    a few suggestions that may work or help to investigate

    is x-fi extreme totally removed ?

    did you have to turn off mb driver (realtek) when installing xtreme soundcard ? maybe have to turn it back on

    try bottm right of screen, double click sound icon, select options / property, tick microphone and untick steroe mix

    these are ideas only, no certainty of solution


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      Re: Sound recording issue

      Problem solved under Windows 7 RTM. Installed the last version of Fraps and it works fine with Vista Direct Stream multi-channel recording.


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        Re: Sound recording issue

        good, post here if and when you put some stuff on youtube, that will be fun to see




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