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WeGame Client 1.2.0 now records any game

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  • WeGame Client 1.2.0 now records any game

    Wegame is really good for a few reasons
    1) free
    2) records and lowers FPS by a tad (does not lower gaming FPS to the recording FPS, like fraps does)
    3) can record half or full screen
    I have found that recording full screen onto an external hard-drive, had virtually no effect on game play at all

    However, Wegame had one disadvantage, wegame only worked with certain games and you had to wait months for new games to be added to the wegame client

    Now the wegame client is not limited to a list of games (as before), you can record pretty much any game, this is a big break through for their client and in my mind makes them the no.1 recorder by quite a margin

    download wegame client


    Hi WeGamers!

    Today we’re happy to announce a very substantial update to the WeGame Client. The vast majority of user requests we receive are for the ability to record more games. While we’ve worked hard to get WeGame up to over 140 supported games (With your help!) client programmer Coedman has broken new ground: WeGame will now record almost every modern game. The client will continue to function how it always has, simply start it up, launch your game, then press your record hotkey. The only difference is that you will now be able to capture thousands of games, rather than dozens. Media from games which aren’t officially supported will show up as “Misc gaming” when uploaded to the site, but you can change them through the edit interface. We will also add official support for popular games so they will be sorted automatically.

    Please either relaunch your client now to get the update automatically, or get the latest version from the download page. Then feel free to launch whatever game you please using DirectX 8 and higher or OpenGL, and the green client square should appear. As always, if you encounter any problems don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]. Look forward to more great features in the near future!
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    Re: WeGame Client 1.2.0 now records any game

    hmm.. I might try this out, just because Fraps lowering fps is annoying. I've just got my setup to work and now this..
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