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WeGame - Sound Problems

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  • WeGame - Sound Problems

    Hi there. Before you point me to the countless other threads dealing with sound issues such as recording voice and ingame sounds at the same time, I'll explain exactly what my problem is.

    WeGame doesn't seem to be able to record anything but my voice... or nothing at all. Ingame sounds seem impossible to pick up for some reason. I've tried various sound setups but all of them either resulted in a completely silent video or one that featured my breathing and pressing keys.

    I used to be able to only record ingame sounds on Fraps. After a bit of looking around on the internet, I finally (took me a few months) managed to get it working so I could record both my voice and all computer-generated sounds. My microphone playback is ALWAYS on.

    My sound setup is also a bit uncommon: I used to only have a Realtek integrated card but a few months ago I bought an external Creative X-fi sound card (USB-connected). All my sound goes through that now. My mic is part of my headphones, which ends in two plugs. My mic plug is always plugged in, my headphones plug is only plugged in when I want to hear things through the headphones instead of the speakers.

    In my recording options, 'what u hear' is ON and the default recording device. This setup worked fine in Fraps, in WeGame it seems to be a problem. I also made all other recording devices the default recording device to see if WeGame would pick any of those up. So far, it has only recorded my voice.

    WeGame said it could not detect 'stereo-mix'. I looked around on the internet and found out you should open the WeGame .ini file to add a line:


    where "NAME" is the name of the audio device. The only thing left to try is to enter every audio device name into this line and see if this helps.

    If it doesn't I'm all out of ideas. Has anyone got any idea if I missed anything obvious?

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    Re: WeGame - Sound Problems

    OK, so apparently WeGame doesn't work with USB external sound cards, which is a bummer. After some rewiring I was able to get it to work.




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