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Only record video + audio. Not me or VOIP.

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  • Only record video + audio. Not me or VOIP.

    I have a PC that is capable of recording the new BFBC2 with FRAPs (v3.1.1).
    PC is Win7 64-bit. audio is standard PC audio setup. nothing fancy.
    I use Steam to VOIP with my friends.

    But after I captured the video, my friend's voices are captured as well. I actually don't want their voices.

    I know alot of folks have been wanting to add their voices into their video, as Exploding_Silver has written in this thread, but that isn't what I needed help with.

    Should I change to another VOIP tool? Or is it some software changes that I have to make?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Only record video + audio. Not me or VOIP.

    You get all voices? Your so lucky! Some people struggle with this setup, especially pre-Win7.

    You won't be able to seperate voice from game sounds without maybe somehow setting your voip app to use another soundcard or something, but the easiest thing to do is just not use voip with your friends.. TG is maybe not the best place to ask how to not record voip. :) The latest version of Fraps and windows 7 brings all these sounds together! Fraps support may have a solution for you.
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