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Best Settings for Youtube? (Codecs, File Format, etc.)

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  • Best Settings for Youtube? (Codecs, File Format, etc.)

    Hello all, I've been getting very serious with my video recordings and lately wanted to try some more intense games like Battlefield Bad Company 2. I usually record with FRAPS, although I've noticed that with my computer and BC2 the framerate isn't acceptable in some areas. Pending I fix that my major issue is compression. I tend to use Virtualdub to convert and compress all my footage using the Xvid codec. Anyways the visuals for all other games have been absolutely stunning at 720p but for first person shooters like BC2 it's... not up to par. I feel like the video quality could be a bit better.

    I've mainly been comparing my vids to Exploding_Silver's and his look drop dead gorgeous compared to mine. Any suggestions on what codec to use? File Format? Editor? Or heck is there an alternative to recording with FRAPS that is quite decent?

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    Re: Best Settings for Youtube? (Codecs, File Format, etc.)

    I play BC2 at 1280x720 all medium settings with dx9 and AA at 1, and record fraps at full screen, so fraps footage is at 1280x720
    Then i edit in vegas platinum version 6 (costs) (vegas is now at version 9, dont get the entry level program as it wont render over 800x600, you need platinum edition)
    I render out of vegas as wmv (because version 6 does a bad job with h.264 codec, version 9 may be better)
    I then push the wmv through mediacoder (free) at 4500 kbps setting to create an mp4 with h.264 codec
    I then upload the mp4 to youtube, the purpose of creating an mp4 is just to create a small file with the same visual quality
    uploading at 1280x720 triggers the youtube HD

    so its res 1280x720 throughout the process, from playing res to footage to wmv out of vegas to mp4 out of mediacoder
    the key is the footage, getting res 1280x720 and medium game settings does it for me

    this matches youtube advice for best file format
    mp4 container with codec h.264

    EDIT 2
    the other thing i do is record on seperate external hard drive at 42fps, so that i can record full screen for gigabyte after gigabyte after gigabyte and still play at reasonable fps, ie what fraps is recording at 42fps. I render wmv at 42fps, the mediacoder conversion to mp4 does lower fps to 30, but that fine the quality does not suffer at all

    EDIT 3
    fraps was updated about a week ago, always use the latest version

    EDIT 4
    From what i have read h.264 codec in mp4 container is superior to Xvid codec, render in both and compare. Although really the fraps footage is the key, you can never go beyond the max that is on the raw footage


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      Re: Best Settings for Youtube? (Codecs, File Format, etc.)

      So far I've been using FRAPS to record 30 frames per second to a Raptor hard drive (10000RPM). Recording at 1080p (really no advantage to it on Youtube). I think I'll try some different settings, namely the .h264 codec with MP4 container :) I'll see how things go. Thanks for all your help Silver!


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        Re: Best Settings for Youtube? (Codecs, File Format, etc.)


        Relevant to my interests...

        I need a good place to get x.264 encoder for Windows 7 64-bit. I use Virtualdub. I've tried using the recommended K-Lite Mega Codec pack that some PR guys use with Virtualdub, I cannot for the life of me get the codecs to show up on Vdub.

        OS is installed on C:, SSD.
        Everything, including 99% of programs, is installed to D:, 1TB drive.


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          Re: Best Settings for Youtube? (Codecs, File Format, etc.)

          try this


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            Re: Best Settings for Youtube? (Codecs, File Format, etc.)

            The MP4 .h264 codec is somewhat proprietary so yah you're either going to have to convert your footage before upload to Youtube or use an editing software that pays to use the codec.




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