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  • xFire or Fraps

    Allow me to introduce my noobish self with a question that may be already resolved or unresolvable . . .

    Getting back into making in-game videos after years away from it, and see much talk about xfire.

    Given that I have a rather powerful rig, which will serve me better, xfire or fraps.

    Looking forward to making videos of people fragging me . . .

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    Re: xFire or Fraps

    good all round reading on video making

    list of recorders
    for doing PR, that uses punkbuster, so the list is shortened to fraps xfire wegame
    you have a monster rig with bells on, so you are probably playing at 1660 screen res on your 24 inch screen
    I suggest you try all three recorders
    xfire and wegame are free, fraps costs, but if you had that before then good, as updates are free
    there may be a bottleneck on recording, even on your system and that is the writing to the hard-drive in real time
    2 tips
    1) record on a seperate hard-drive to the one with windows and game on, I use an external 1tb hard drive through usb2 connection
    2) test recording full screen and half screen, I suspect that if you are recording full screen at 1600 res, onto the same hard drive as windows and game, then you will experience lag. However if you play at 1600 and record half screen, then thats still 800*600 that will be fine quality on youtube

    any more questions then just ask

    a few after thoughts
    I rate fraps over xfire
    wegame does not reduce down frame rates to the recording frame rates, like fraps does
    wegame record full screen at actually 1175 or something like that ie less than 129-*720, no matter what res you game at eg even at 1600 gaming
    its worth trying all three recorders at full and half screen, to so the difference, fraps costs but you can test the free version that gives 30 sec clips


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      Re: xFire or Fraps

      Thanks -- I'll start with the free xfire and then get Fraps is it does noty perform well.




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