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  • FRAPS Full Screen Test

    I recorded a few minutes of BC2 in FRAPS full screen 60fps mode, which renders 1 minute of video in almost 4 GB.

    The results are not impressive at 720 HD on YouTube (although it is great prior to rendering for YouTube).

    Will try again later with the same environment but at half-screen to compare.

    All my videos here at TG in 2010 have been recorded at half-screen in fraps 60fps.


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    Re: FRAPS Full Screen Test

    If you're frame rates can do it at full screen and your hard drive can too, then I suggest sticking with full screen
    I play at 1280*720 and record full screen, that is the limit of my system, but you have a space shuttle there

    If fraps full screen raw files play better than the half screen equivalents, but both look the same on youtube, then either
    1) youtube compression is a fact of life to live with
    2) youtube can be bent to produce better quality than your previous videos
    maybe try render and upload in differetn way
    a) render and upload as avi file, although with some compression, so its not GBs massive
    b) render and upload as mp4 from you video editor
    c) render as a large avi then turn into mp4 with mediacoder
    the above 3 are experiements that I expect not to provide a good difference in final output on youtube
    d) render into res 1920*960, to hit the youtube trigger for super widescreen, this one is worth a test ! ;)


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      Re: FRAPS Full Screen Test

      Thanks ES, I'll play around with the rendering options. I think I wated money on Corel Video Studio, and am looking at AVS video editor as a better option.

      More later.


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        Re: FRAPS Full Screen Test

        And I am back to the infinite hole of compression options. Am trying a test as uncompressed avi, but that will be too big for upload.

        Any advice on compression options for reducing the size of the avi files but maintaining resolution?


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          Re: FRAPS Full Screen Test

          avi lossless codec, for smaller avi with most of quality

          I would advise testing the options below with your existing Corel Video Studio software render options
          Then upload them and see the difference
          That test will take a few hrs to do, at least !
          Then when you watch the results you can judge which is best and just stick with that
          The truth is youtube cuts down everything to its streaming flash bandwidth codec

          1) the corel convient upload to youtube format
          2) corel render compressed avi
          3) corel render to mp4
          4) corel render to uncompressed avi then mediacoder render to mp4 (could skip this test, if your version of corel is new then test 3 will cover this one)
          5) corel render to res 1920*960 (this is the only one I expect to look distinctly better on youtube)

          to answer your question in the most direct way
          "Any advice on compression options for reducing the size of the avi files but maintaining resolution?"
          lossless codec for avi format
          but lossless avi was king of the hill 10 yrs ago, now the superior container for quality to filesize is mp4, mp4 is the modern day king of the hill, its the format for DVDs


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            Re: FRAPS Full Screen Test

            E-male I have just started making videos of various games, including Arma 2 OA which on high settings puts a load on a good rig before you even run Fraps. Anyhoo, I've been using Sony Vegas Platinum HD on a free trial and have to say I am really impressed. Bear in mind I am dumber than dirt about this stuff but it seems like great software to me, why not dl the free trial.


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              Re: FRAPS Full Screen Test

              E-male here are some godawful videos I made with Fraps and Sony Vegas @ 1920 by 1080 I think, just to give you an idea of quality once uploaded to YouTube. I think I used Sony's Mpeg 4 codec that GoreZiad recommended (apologies if I have attributed that to the wrong person).

              Another with music!

              Another much shorter one with music again, turn down your volume as I forgot to!

              As I say they are bl##dy awful but I was just testing stuff really.


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                Re: FRAPS Full Screen Test

                Tip: Youtube loves and recommends MP4. If it's looking very impressive pre upload to Youtube, I would tweak the bitrate and export as an MP4. An MP4 file will upload and render in less than a 1/4 of the time it takes for an AVI file and the quality is almost always assuredly better.

                Also regardless of your end frame rate before upload to youtube. Youtube will knock it down to 30 fps or less (24 for instance if you set it as such). If you're recording 60 fps before hand I would render your final footage in 30 fps or 24 (see which you like). Not only is it going to lower your file size, but the less conversion Youtube has to do the better your video will look.




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