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  • Welcome to the Tactical Gamer Elite: Dangerous Forum!

    As the title says, welcome to the TGEDF! Here you will find all kinds of new information that I or others can find about the game Elite: Dangerous! I have been doing my best collate some of the information and news that is sifting out of Frontier Developments, the developer of the game. I will post some good links if you wish to catch up, I have been doing my best to keep the community updated about new updates and if you have any good links yourself, feel free share them in this thread! I will be starting another thread this weekend describing the game to new players and for those who don't know much about the game. I would like to make a video for all you prospective players out there sitting on the sidelines waiting, but I might need some volunteers on some weekend!

    As always if you are new to TG please take a look at our primer! It dictates the kind of behavior that is expected here at TG. And here is the TG Teamspeak information. We have a TS channel dedicated to Elite: Dangerous where we can discuss the game/get together or whatever!

    Here are some links to some threads that I've made on the TG: General Discussion board before we got our own forum:

    Elite Dangerous Kickstarter Thread

    Potential Players Thread

    Elite Dangerous Alpha Thread

    Premium Beta Release Thread

    Beta 1 Info Thread

    Here is beta discussion thread on the Frontier Developments website:

    Beta Discussion Forum

    If you have any questions/concerns/comments please start a thread if it is not news. This is to be the news/links thread.

    Speaking of the news:

    Newsletter #39 is out!
    Personally, I did not find too much interesting here. The exploration aspect was the only thing interesting to me, especially when they talk about what you can do with the data and/or artefacts you may be able to acquire.
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    Re: Welcome to the Tactical Gamer Elite: Dangerous Forum!

    Already some more interesting links!

    Beta Discussion Thread Topic on North American Players: On the beta forums there is a user called Histati who is trying to get all the North American players together to create a fan page. That way players can have a greater chance of meeting and getting together since they live in a relatively close timezone.

    Originally posted by Histati on ED Beta Forums
    Elite Dangerous in North America
    All those elite Dangerous fans living in the 32 countries around North America are welcomed to introduce themselves. Let us know where you are from for a better demographic.
    400,000,000,000 stars!! That is truly mind blowing number! We could pass our sidewinders down for generations and still have more to explore. FD Devs are truly artist.
    I have played other MMOs before and have met some really good people from around the world that I would consider friends. The troubling part, when I was ready to sit down and have good gaming session other parts of the world where turning in for the night. These games had much smaller sandboxes to play in.
    What I am proposing is an Elite Dangerous North American fan sight. A place where you can network with other players from your timezone.
    I have made it my own personal game to track down member profiles to see who lives in North America (btw there are a lot Texans that play ED) I then contacted several members to see what type feedback I would get on the project. The response was positive and a lot people showed interest. My expertise in creating a site is very limited. I can put something together but the quality would be lacking.
    What would it take to pull this off?
    Are there any volunteers that would like to see this happen and help moderate?
    If this does come about what type of content would you like to see?
    If you are from North America (or IMO including S.America it is the same timezone), swing by and let em know what you think! Going through the thread I think one of the players has already come up with something! Though this might not be the final destination for such a page.

    The Tactical Gamer Elite: Dangerous Forum will remain open to players around the world who agree to our primer and rules; and not simply focused on N.America since I know we have at least one UK player already, and more prospective players. And more simply, Tactical Gamer itself is open to, and has, members from all around the world. It would be a shame to limit this forum to N. American players only, even if I had the power to do so.

    I've already did a little proselytizing in the Beta topic to see if I can drag any of them over here to discuss the game, so maybe we might get some more players to play with!

    Speaking of which, later in the day I am going to post another poll to gauge how interest has changed in the game, so stay tuned!

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      Re: Welcome to the Tactical Gamer Elite: Dangerous Forum!

      There was a game in development that I was looking into a few months to a year back. It had space travel by ship, but also planned to have the ability to play as your character on foot. I'm not sure if this was it. I did read that it is planned at some point for this game. But it seemed like the one I was looking at would have it from the start, and that it was a new startup, with no legacy behind it. Can you think of another one, or was this it?

      I watched a YouTube vid yesterday. It definitely has me intrigued. But for me to commit, I'm going to wait for the ability to play on foot, go into planets' atmospheres, etc.


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        Re: Welcome to the Tactical Gamer Elite: Dangerous Forum!

        Either this or Star Citizen, perhaps?
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