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Community Goal: Igorodimos War Zone

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  • Community Goal: Igorodimos War Zone

    If you're looking for something to do this weekend, there is a community goal in Igorodimos for combat bonds. It's related to the Galnet posting about Nijotec

    Go to Delbruck Ring station in Igorodimos and go to the bulletin board. Select the sign up button and the goal will appear in your transaction tab.

    Then fly to one of the conflict zones on the nav panel. When you drop in, select your faction from the right panel -> function tab -> faction (at the top). Enemy ships turn red, allied ships turn green (even if you are not allied with that faction).

    My first encounter was heavily pvp and it did not go as planned.

    The station does not have a great outfitting selection, so prep your ship (or buy a cheaper disposable) before you arrive.
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    Re: Community Goal: Igorodimos War Zone

    Tips for Conflict Zones:

    - Don't fly anything you can't afford to lose. I swapped my Asp for an Eagle that can't even jump out of the system, but it's cheap and lots of fun.
    - Play in solo mode. Unfortunately, combat bonds go to whatever CMDR did the most damage to a target. So other people can and will steal kills. So much for community.
    - If you are in Open Play, DO NOT SHOOT OTHER CMDRS. Grazing friendly ships will not turn them hostile, but damage to a CMDR will count as a crime and turn locals red.
    - Be nice, and turn off "Report crimes against me" in the functions tab. For the reason stated above.
    - Prioritize accuracy over damage. Your AI allies will be doing a lot of heavy hitting. Get your name on the kill even if you don't land the final shot.
    - Ammo is a hard limit on how long you want to stay in the zone.
    - You lose all bonds when your ship dies, so drop out to turn them in and repair/reload every so often.
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