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    As a heads up, for all of the new and sporadic players, please contact ScratchnSniff here on the TG forums. He is the GameOfficer and the host of one of the larger private groups.

    Private groups are private instances meant to allow limited access multiplayer. Essentially, private groups allow players who normally want Player versus Environment game play or Solo game play to play with a friend at random. It should be noted that private groups function even with one person using it. This means that a single player does not need to play solo until their friends might show up later. You are free to use it whenever as long as you are befriended by the founder and invited to the group. This is why you need to contact Scratch.

    If you want to play in a private group and are having trouble waiting, then send me a friend request (I am Besiege.) I will then send an invite and we can go from there.

    I am also a college student, so keep that in mind.
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    Re: private groups

    As an aside, I am starting school again; the wait may be longer than usual. I will do my best, though, to get you in the private group if you would like. Just pm me your Pilot's name and I will friend you. When you (or I if you send me the friend request) accept the friend request, I will invite you to the private group.

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