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Elite: Dangerous Pricing Issues

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  • Elite: Dangerous Pricing Issues

    For those of you who have a problem with the way Frontier Developments is pricing the game, PC Gamer has an article on the studio defending their pricing model: (Skip to 1:40 in the video to get to planetary landings and the season update; 3:60 for the pricing issue)
    [Link to PC Gamer Article]

    And I really like the comment by LeoCeballos: [Link]
    Originally posted by LeoCeballos
    A lot of people are confused by comparing "season" to "expansion". It isn't. Its like paying for a year's subscription of a (very cheap) MMO which is semi-optional.

    To put it another way, if Elite was an MMO with the same pricing model as EVE or WoW, at this point (the end of year 1) you would have paid $60 for the base game, and depending of how much you committed to paying (month by month, every 3 months, yearly) you would have also paid about $100 to $150 in subscriptions.

    IF you stopped paying at the end of that year, you would have.. a box. A nice box you could prop things up with maybe. Unless you downloaded it, in which case you'd now be the proud owner of $150 worth of nice memories. If on the other hand you want to keep playing, you can keep paying and by the end of next year you will have paid eh, $260 to $300.

    With Elite, you pay $60 up until the end of year one. If you stop paying *right now* you get to keep playing what you have for as long as you want; maybe you only pop in every few weeks for some pew-pew and thats enough for you. Some new ships and new equipment will be introduced, and you'll get a handful of new features and tweaks, as well. You'll miss out on some things, but you bought Elite and so you can keep playing Elite. Unlike your nice WoW or EVE box. IF you want to keep playing with all the new hotness, you can plunk in another $45. End of year two: $105. That's still about $160 shy of the cheapest version of the old sub model.

    Look; if you don't think its worth it, then you don't think its worth it. I do, but then, I am most definitely a huge space sim fan. But don't act like its some horribly greedy business model. Its not. Its a sort of compromise so they can make a game that has some MMO elements while avoiding a sub, or cheap "free to play "pay-to-win" tactics. Note that Destiny is also taking a lot of fire for this...and its similarly in a position of being a "semi-MMO". You NEED recurring revenue to keep a game like this online. But you don't want subs, you don't want pay to win, and you don't want seasons. I'm curious how you'd sustain the game. I'd love to hear what a great, alternate plan is.

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    Re: Elite: Dangerous Pricing Issues

    That's a nice way of putting it. Though I don't think a subscription model for games is great either (money grubbing and all the problems). With that said, there are plenty of other games that aren't subscription based that release some decent free content before, between, and after a paid expansion/content pack comes out. Maybe the majority were expecting a semi-big free update before having to fork over more dough.

    Then again, those of us who have spent several hundred to thousands in Star Citizen...
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