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Emperor's Dawn CGs and Counter-goals

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  • Emperor's Dawn CGs and Counter-goals

    This has not been publicized in game yet but it was in the email update. Something for you dirty Imperials to consider:

    After a week of poring over exploration data, the Empire’s finest bureaucrats have identified Emperor’s Dawn cells in the Mauusk and Dakshmandi systems. Senator Denton Patreus has announced that he is spearheading an all-out attack against these cells, and has launched initiatives in both systems for Commanders who are willing to fight.

    Elsewhere, Emperor’s Dawn has also called for aid, asking Commanders to deliver Progenitor Cells to Ipilyaqa and Basic Narcotics to Ch’i Lin. They are offering high credit rewards for Commanders who are willing to assist them in their campaign to reform the Empire.

    If you are looking for the goal this week, the breakdown below should help you:

    Maausk – Maausk – Deliver Combat Bonds to the combat bond contact.
    Dakshmandi – Hevelius Enterprise – Deliver Combat Bonds to the combat bond contact.

    Ipilyaqa – Furuta Orbital – Deliver Progenitor Cells to the commodities market.
    Ch’i Lin – Fallows Orbital – Deliver Basic Narcotics to the commodities market.
    Maausk > Maausk is an independent port outside any Power bubble, although it is right off the edge of Patreus space. Perfect place for a proud Federal pilot to win back some Empire reputation. I honestly have no idea why they are so hostile to me. What did I ever do to them?

    Oh, right.

    So, yeah. I'll be online most evenings this week in one of the TG private groups, and would like to see people for a change. Look me up!
    In game handle: Steel Scion

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    Re: Emperor's Dawn CGs and Counter-goals

    :) Sounds interesting

    Interested in listening to guitar playing and a good conversation, look for me on TS.

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      Re: Emperor's Dawn CGs and Counter-goals

      Imma be doing this tonight!

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