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  • Want To Team Up?

    I am a relatively new player to Elite Dangerous and need a wing man or least someone that's willing to run missions with me. I have a Cobra and I am up for anything. I am also in PDT.

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    Re: Want To Team Up?

    Check out our Elite: Dangerous channel on the TG TS server. If someone is on and ready to play they are usually in there.
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      Re: Want To Team Up?

      I just bought a viper, and I know Tg Knight also just started out as a combat pilot. I would be happy to wing with you in the future. (But I will be very limited for next two weeks.)
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        Re: Want To Team Up?

        I'm game, but I am not on as often as you would probably like, so you'll have to send me a PM with your in game name.

        I use a diamond back scout which is down in Amitrite, which is way down near the Empire's space. I am heading up to Lo Pegasi with an Eagle so I can sell my eagle and diamondback explorer in Lo Pegasi.

        In any case, I'll help people out if they want. I'm trying to get an ASP, so I'll be a slow poke with less than the weapons that I want until I get weapons I want.

        So, what configurations are you using for your ships and such? is good for trade info.

        Interested in listening to guitar playing and a good conversation, look for me on TS.

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