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  • Betas Are Coming Soon!

    Frontier Developments recently released another video showing a lot of cool footage of planetary landings and making a lot of announcements. Unfortunately, I could not get to reporting it to you guys until now due to obligations from college and family. Even then, I do not have the time to come up with another coherent, well written, article detailing the announcements, due to my time constraints. What I can give you is a "better" written version of my notes. They may still be incomprehensible to others, so let me know if you need clarification on certain notes.

    This is just some of the announcements, but I did not note everything in the vid and even shaved off quite a bit of my notes. Please watch the vid to get a better idea of what's going on:
    NSD = No Specific Date
    1. Beta Release Dates: 1.5 Nov. 9th / 2.0 (Horizons) Nov. 24th
    2. You will eventually be able to hire NPC wingmen, NSD
    3. Some more support for large player orgs is coming during the back end of Season Two
    4. Concerning the crafting system: It will be a pretty simple system to start with in 2.0 but will become more advanced as the season progresses.
    5. NPC's will be more "Persistent."
    6. 1.5 the Asp Scout is another variant of the Asp that is a cut down cheaper version.
    7. Stellar Objects are going to receive some updates.
    8. 22:40 of the vid shows a federal corvette and the stations
    9. 27:40 Shows an SRV exiting a Cobra's hatch.
    10. They are going to try to reduce how long the transition phases
    11. Pirating is going to have a big change
    12. New ship: Keelback is like a Type-6 but better armed.
    13. New ship: the cutter is going to be making a showing. It is slightly bigger than an Anaconda and better armed
    14. Players will not be able to conquer/own planetary bases. But you can attack them to retrieve things.
    15. Passenger gameplay (ferrying ppl etc) NSD
    16. The SRV etc, will be part of the "Planetary Suite" which will take up 4 tons of cargo space instead of a specific module compartment
    17. They are working on ship naming.
    18. Stuff related to Thargoids coming to Season 2
    19. You will not be able to deploy an SRV into a station
    20. You will NOT be able to walk around your ship in Season 2.
    21. Are there non-Thargoid species in the galaxy? "Yes."
    22. There will be more CQC maps, probably in 1.5 and then more after that

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    Re: Betas Are Coming Soon!

    good to hear


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      Re: Betas Are Coming Soon!

      very excited :)
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