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HCS Voice Attack Packs Just Added William Shatner!

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  • HCS Voice Attack Packs Just Added William Shatner!

    PC Gamer has announced recently [PC Gamer Article] that William Shatner has been added to the "Official" Elite Dangerous Voice packs for Voice Attack from HCS VoicePacks Ltd.! I say "Official" because it is a "Offical Licenced Product," not actually made by Frontier Developments themselves.

    As many of you may know already, Voice Attack is a program that allows you to control your games with your voice instead of having to manually touch anything. You can give it one order and it will do whatever action has been programmed into that order, which can include macros of many keypresses. It can also respond with the voices that come with your Windows installation. Or, more importantly you can buy voice packs from HCS. Alongside the William Shatner voice called Orion, they have one by the actress who plays the in-game voice of Elite: Dangerous, Verity Croft, and even have one by Tom Baker of Doctor Who fame. These voice packs have many of the macros already pre-programmed in which can include a "GalaXapediA" which will tell you about the various in-game stellar objects you can come across.

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    Re: HCS Voice Attack Packs Just Added William Shatner!

    Sweet, I need this and I want one that works for a few other games, too




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