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Empire Rep Grinding -- YAK?

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  • Empire Rep Grinding -- YAK?

    I have been grinding empire reputation for a cutter.
    It seems to take forever. Made it to Lord finally.

    Any TG players have tips on the most efficient location and method to do it?
    I know a lot of the really fast ways/places were removed in a recent patch.
    I have been doing a lot of currier runs.

    I hear YAK has a good place... Are you out there Yak?
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: Empire Rep Grinding -- YAK?


    EDIT: I believe that is the correct Yack n e way. Don't know if there are others. :row__536:

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      Re: Empire Rep Grinding -- YAK?

      Not sure if anybody else still needs this, but over teh weekend I found a really good spot that got me a few ranks in a few hours.

      Wu Guinagi - any dock, but I mainly used Ziegel dock
      HIP 10716 - Van Royen Vision is the only dock

      You get missions in one location that almost all go to the other system. They are only 11.87 LY away from each other and you will need a ship that can dock at a medium space port. (Cobra or Asp work fine, since most missions are just data deliveries)

      It can get a bit repetative bouncing back and forth between the systems, but it also has some long range hauling missions for 1-5 million as well.


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        Re: Empire Rep Grinding -- YAK?

        need to do that when I get back


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          Re: Empire Rep Grinding -- YAK?

          It looks like this is now a very popular spot, so you may run into some issues with docking requests being denied. If you keep trying, it will eventually be granted.

          So now that I have baron, it is worth while grinding it out to get to king?




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