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Control Scheme's and Where to Buy Them

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  • Control Scheme's and Where to Buy Them

    So I get asked a lot about what control scheme I use and players usually get disparaged that I use a mildly expensive HOTAS setup called the Saitek X-56. Here is the Amazon link to that: [Amazon Link]

    However, there is a cheaper option from Amazon, the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS: [ Amazon Link]

    The reason I am creating this thread is:
    1. It can help players to see who has what controllers. That way we can ask the right person the right questions. I often cannot help players because they have a much different control scheme.
    2. We can all post deals we see on controller devices so that we can have somewhat similar control setups.
    3. Or maybe someone just wants to upgrade, and this thread might give them good ideas on what to upgrade to.

    I am going to sticky this thread, so go ahead and put up a link to your control scheme, maybe why you like it, and if you can, a cheaper option.

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