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Reintroducing the TARTS!

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  • Reintroducing the TARTS!

    Some of you old timers may recall me breaking off from TEGL right around the time we got kicked out of Dysa. I went and created my pirate corp, the Tactical Asset Reallocation Team or TART5 as they were back then. It had a good run for a few months with a few peoples alts, but eventually it was just me left. I moved on to other things and closed up shop. Eventually I reformed it, and this time the correct TARTS corp ticker was available. I've pretty much just been sitting on the corporation with my alt ever since.

    I've done quite a bit since then, almost always still been flashy red/evil pirate guy. Played around in 0.0 with Weirda's corp Queens of the Stone Age for a bit. Ran with MCREW for a short while, but couldn't be bothered to grind my sec back up and took a break from the game. Before I left the states I was living in a wormhole with a somewhat famous corp, Aperture Harmonics. They are extremely good at wormhole, even before they found that "exploit".

    Through all this it has always been an ambition of mine to re-open TARTS and turn it into a proper piracy corp. And these experiences have refined my idea for what that means. I want to take the best parts of my past corps and combine them into TARTS. It occurred to me that the TG community (who I have neglected for too long) may be interested. I have some specific things in mind for the corporation, which I think will be explained best if I list them.

    Wormholes - I intend to setup our home in a wormhole, living in a POS or POSes. This takes patience, discipline, and teamwork, my time in AHARM has shown me just how amazing wormholes can be with that combination.
    • Wormholes are a target rich environment for pirates, if you're willing to scan.
    • No local!
    • I have made a decent bonus ransoming POSes, sometimes even without the ability to harm the POS.
    • Wormholes work to reduce blobbing, which works in favor of well disciplined teams. (read - us!)
    • Access to all of known space! This is a big deal for me, it means we get to terrorize new targets everyday. One day we'll be killing big alliance ratters with stealth bombers. The next we'll roam syndicate in a matari shield-gank gang. The next we'll get to run around solo(ish) in Amarr lowsec.

    Ransoming - I love it, it allows you some social interaction with the prey besides just flashy explosions.
    • I intend to promote the act of ransoming in corp through a monthly and yearly prize program, probably faction cruisers/battleships for the person with the largest amount in ransom.
    • No one is being forced to ransom if they don't want to, but once agreed upon, a ransom must be honored! I intend to build a name for this corp, similar to Veto. I will not tolerate someone trying to ruin that.
    • If you do intend to ransom, don't be greedy. You will get more ransoms low-balling than assuming every slot on your prey is filled with a deadspace mod. I like offer a set price for each hull class, usually around the market price for the hull. This also improves our reputation, and encourages repeat business!

    Minmatar Faction Warfare - What can I say? I have a soft spot for the political underdogs. Also I love their ships. (and hate Caldari ships.)
    • As a blinky evil pirates, Faction Warfare gives us more targets that won't be protected by gate guns. This is good!
    • FW missions provide good, quick supplemental income with a quick JC.
    • I intend to eventually fill in the corps back story on how our little criminal element is doing back room deals with the Republic. Think of us as privateers in service of the Republic.
    • Possibly RP-Lite
    • Corp needs sufficient Minmatar faction standings to not be kicked out.

    Organized Gangs - I have a few plans for these...
    • I hate fleets, anything more than a gang is too much. I'd like to cut it off at 11 people in a gang, this means I want the corp to be pretty small.
    • No falcons/EWAR in fleet...I know, I know, falcons are awesome, their also easy, which is the opposite of difficult. But reducing the difficulty is gay, and not fun.
    • Minmatar Shield Gank gangs, comprised of a set amount of Minmatar Command Ships, HACs, HICs, Lokis, Recons, and tackle. All backed up by Scimitars and mindlinks. Each person generally flying the same ship week to week in the organized gangs.
    • Other potentially "themed" fleets, the idea being that everyone has a particular role and sticks to it. We use tactics and teamwork to engage and destroy other gangs, even if they have a numerical advantage.

    Solo/Small Kill Teams - What we do when we aren't rolling in gangs...
    • I like to promote the idea of Solo PVP, it is fun!
    • Possibly free, fitted cruisers/frigates for people to go get blown up in epic form.
    • It makes you a better pilot, which helps the gangs and improves our rep.
    • No arranged 1v1 fights, only bad things ever happen from these!
    • Must not be worried about Security Status, pods are delicious!

    So there you have it, TARTS is planned to be a corp for a select few, skilled pod pilots who are committed to profiting from the mayhem they cause all over the empire through the use of wormholes, and are completely happy with being evil flashy pirates. Also Minmatar RP-lite. Doors will open when I return from Afghanistan somewhere in mid February. Feel free to ask any questions here, in game mail (Phelan Boots), or by PM.

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    Re: Reintroducing the TARTS!

    what was your name in AHARM I have been in AHARM for over a year...

    Also what Class wormhole are you planning to settle, what static, what type etc.


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      Re: Reintroducing the TARTS!

      My EVE character is Phelan Boots, I was really only in AHARM for a few months, right up until they moved out of Exodus. I was about to deploy and didn't bother moving into the new system. As far as wormhole type, the primary purpose is for raiding k-space and in that in mind I am thinking a C3, preferably with a low-sec static. As for effects, I'm not really sure. Pulsar or no-effect seems preferable off the top of my head, but I'm open to discussion.


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        Re: Reintroducing the TARTS!

        Well sir, this is indeed intriguing, as I don't really have the time atm for super-hardcore eve play, but would love to be able to log in a bit and kill stuff. I've also had a hankering to go blinky.

        As you know, I can handle business.
        Do or do not, there is no try....
        -- Yoda, Dagobah


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          Re: Reintroducing the TARTS!

          Hey GJ, good to hear from you! I'd be happy to have you along to kill people. If there isn't a hardcore fleet going on, I'm generally going to be roaming on my own. And you're (along with anyone else) more than welcome to come with.


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            Re: Reintroducing the TARTS!

            Bumping this back to the top, after much slacking I am ready to start taking applications. Please post here or cantact my in game (Phelan Boots) if you're interested.


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              Re: Reintroducing the TARTS!

              Sounds interesting. I like the ideas you have. Although i'm primarily Gallente and some Amarr, i've been looking to get some Mim + shield skills going. I've spent a decent deal of time in 0.0 although i've got bugger all kills to show for it.

              You still looking for people? If i don't get my friends back into the game i wouldn't mind getting into another corp.

              UiiN. (In game name Mareunus)




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