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My 1st time to 0.0

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  • My 1st time to 0.0

    Well I took advantage of that "Reactivate your account for 5 days" promotion and been just kinda messing around in the Eve universe. Did some mining here and there and I thought 'You know, I never really have been into null-sec, why not go for a stroll.' So I buy a rifter, put a cheap fitting on it and im off. Im about 5 jumps from 0.0 and nobody was in 0.1-0.4 at ALL. Maybe because it was like midnight but still nobody in sight. As soon as I warp into 0.0 there are like 30 people just sitting there chillin' and a few just battling it out. Sure enough about 5 seconds later im targeted and died :)

    I just thought I had to share that. Thought it was kinda funny on my part. Anyways I am highly tempted to pay the $20 to get 2 months on my account but with Star Wars: The Old Republic coming out in a few months maybe I'd wait for that first but I need something to keep me occupied. Arghh. Decisions...decisions. I probably will get my account back up and start going into PvP, seeing as how mining is going no wheres. :) Hopefully I can fly with some of my fellow TG members :D

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    Re: My 1st time to 0.0

    I went ahead and reactivated my account as well. I just been knocking around in high sec space. Doing lots of mining and working on building my first drake. Then will focus on training and building hulk. I will probably do this till SWTOR comes out myself.




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