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    if anyone is looking for a mission runner & industry corp then can put in a app for this one. they not much into pvp but i believe they just starting to get back into it. can check them out if u like, their website is just tell them you know krystal starweaver (my mining char). they do mining operations in Scheenins. made about 10 million ISK in an hour during the op. plus when you mine solo, you can give your ore to the corp, and they sell it and in return give you isk plus i think 10% more isk for letting them sell it lol. they dont use vent or teamspeak or anything like that, they either will type it out, or use ingame voice chat. but the corp is pretty much industry so if u getting into or are into industry and mining and such, can look up the corp and throw an invite. plus they always like helping out new people to the game, so if u need help with fitting a mining ship, ask them. they will be happy to help you out.

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    Re: Etoilles Mortant Ltd. Corp

    well one thing i would have to ask is if your account is not a trial then you can join. first thing you need to do is send in a application into the corp. you need to look up the corp name under people & places, there will be a field where it says search type, select corporation then put in the name of the corp Etoilles Mortant Ltd. Once you do that it will show the name of the corp. Right click on the corp and select show info. at the bottom of the pop-up window it will say apply to join. once you do you need to give them your api and id key. it's a security check for corps to let the right people in and not spam bots. here is the link to get your api and id codes:

    once you login in (should be your account that you setup with the game to log onto your character(s) ), just put in your api key and your user id number. after that just add you know Krystal Starweaver from another game and you are looking for a mining corp. now just so you know, they work out of gallente space for our mining ops, even though you're new to the game other factions don't think to highly of other factions in this game but since your new, you might be able to be neutral to Gallente federation. once you get in I'll help you get the right skills to fly the best kind of mining ships in the game. we also run out of the solar system Scheenins its a .5 security system. I'd say work on mining around your newbie area first. also I will be hanging out in Teamspeak in the eve online channel so just ask if you need help with the game.
    the corp also allows you to mine out in scheenins and all your ore that you collect, you can drop in the corp hanger cans and our officers haul them to jita or one of the populated areas and sells your loot for you, and you get isk in return. and also on the weekends is when we do our mining ops in scheenins. we will have an Orca or two with us and all you do is drop your ore into the ship and it hauls it back to the station while the mining ships just keep gathering ore, and at the end of it all, the people piloting the orcas put your minerals in corp cans then the officers sell it and give the isk back to you.




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