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  • miners be sure to read

    Got a good build for a hulk if your looking for one or in plan of using one

    Hulk -

    High Slot -
    3x Strip Miner II

    Medium Slot -
    Survey Scanner II
    V-M15 Braced Multispectral Shield Matrix II

    Low Slot -
    2x Mining Laser Upgrade II

    Rigs -
    2x Medium Core Defence Field Purger I (IIs expensive, not worth it)

    Ammo -
    Mining Crystals Tier I. do not go for Tier 2, not worth it for the money they ask, be fine with the T1. T2 only add like an additional .534 or something like that per grab or minerals.

    Drones -
    5x HammerHead II

    This build is good if you got a hauler working with you, plus this build will also keep you alive for a bit if your being attacked. if you looking for extra spacing then replace the mining upgrades in the low slot with 2x Expanded Cargohold II. and for the rigs can add 2x Cargohold Optimization I but you will be weaker on the shield side if you do. if your in high sec areas then this is a good build. low sec....never go out there with a hulk. better to get a retriever for that. they cheap and still get a good amount of ore for yourself.

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    Re: miners be sure to read

    It's hard to go wrong with a hulk fit, but you seem to be lacking a small shield booster, which most hulks have.

    Most ones out in 0.0 have a small faction booster and a rat specific hardener, for tanking BS sized rats.

    If they're in a group, they pack medium shield repping drones, and put them all on the hulk that's being shot.


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      Re: miners be sure to read

      i mine in .5 and .6 systems and i use that setup for the npc rats that warp into the system. never go into 0.0


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        Re: miners be sure to read

        This is a decent fit, should handle itself well enough. Though I run with a small T2 shield booster myself.

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          Re: miners be sure to read

          dont got the skills for that yet. working on exhumers IV, and drones. and also working on social skills for them mining missions they added.


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            Re: miners be sure to read

            So since I just jumped back into the game, realized I'm flat broke, have zero npc mission standing anymore (which I'm curious about), and dont have a corp, I converted my Raven into a small-time personal mining ship. It works like a freaking champ.
            • 4x Miner II
            • 4x Arbalest Siege Launcher (Torps)

            • 4x Large Shield Extender II
            • 2x Invulnerability Field II

            • 1x Power Diagnosic System II
            • 1x Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay I
            • 3x Local Hull Conversion Extended Cargo I

            Drones: 5x Vespa II

            So basically what I made was a shield tanker (22k shields) personal mining ship with decent defense and a 1400 m^3 cargo hold. I can fill it up in under 3 minutes. I've been mining out Viscous Pyroxeres in 0.5 caldari space (its got the best prices around for the materials available) at about 120k per trip. Round trip generally takes about 7 minutes, even if I have rats to deal with.

            Either way, I'd love some input. I'd also like to hook up with you guys in game if you'd like.


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              Re: miners be sure to read

              got a good build, not much defense, but i am hoping i can bring my skills up a bit more so i can stuff a small shield booster II onto my ship, problem is my cpu output on the hulk. if i add the booster i exceed the cpu and it goes offline. but here is the build and stats for mining.


              [Hulk, Setup 2]
              Mining Laser Upgrade II
              Mining Laser Upgrade II

              Survey Scanner II
              [empty med slot]
              [empty med slot]
              [empty med slot]

              Modulated Strip Miner II, Veldspar Mining Crystal II
              Modulated Strip Miner II, Veldspar Mining Crystal II
              Modulated Strip Miner II, Veldspar Mining Crystal II

              Drone Mining Augmentor I
              Drone Speed Augmentor I

              Mining Drone II x5
              Hobgoblin II x5

              Shield cap - 1671 Recharge time - 531.3 s Peak self-recharge - 7.86 hp/s shield effective HP - 3613
              Armor: 1165 armor effective hp - 1792
              Hull: 3037
              Shield Resists: 37.5% EM - 50% Therm - 62.5% Kin - 65% Expl
              Armor Resists: 70% EM - 35% Therm - 25% Kin - 10% Expl
              Ore Yield: 1781.4 per min (with drones active)
              Drone Yield: 275 per min
              Cargo: 8000m3
              Cap: 688 (Stable at 84%)
              CPU: 301.33 / 310.54
              Powergrid: 39 / 43.75
              Defence: 17

              I use this ship in .5 and higher, i took out the shield rigs and put in drone rigs to add more ore output per min. drones act like a 2nd strip miner just about on your ship. also got 5 t2 hobgobs for protection against npc rats that warp in. With an orca supporting you, you can easily clear out a asteroid belt at a fast pace. my 2 miners have been quick at clearing out all the veldspar, pyroxeres, and kernite out of a belt in 1 hour, then hit another belt after that. been trying to stick what is needed on the market, and what ever i can get out of a .5 system or a .6 system. my main, Krystal, is my only miner who can use tier 2 mining crystals on pretty much anything out there, except the stuff that you would find in .4 or lower. one of these days i need to go out to a low sec area and find some minerals to mine. but i may just stick to veldspar, veldspar is still needed out there pretty much.


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                Re: miners be sure to read

                actually if i have drone rigging 5 on my char, i can have a small shield booster added, actually even if i have drone rigging 4 i can still have the booster.


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                  Re: miners be sure to read

                  Originally posted by Ferris Bueller View Post
                  So since I just jumped back into the game, realized I'm flat broke, have zero npc mission standing anymore (which I'm curious about),
                  That doesn't sound right. They did change all the standings to only apply to corps now (no more individual agent standings), but you should still be able to run some, if you did in the past. Petition maybe?

                  In any case. The best isk in Eve right now, beyond having played for a while and having some backbone for it, is incursions. If you have a decent missioning setup, you may be able to get in on that.
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