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  • Dust 5214

    *oops 514 of course..*

    Has this really been missed by our diligent news gatherers? I know it was brought up a long time ago when it was in concept.. but have a look now :)

    They actually might pull this off and I don't really see a negative side to doing it - except of course that it is PS3 exclusive.

    I could totally dig getting back into EVE if the scale of this is real..

    Imagine this - Tharashk flying in space combat running EW in support of ground troops ("Dustbunnies" LOL) and Xtorin (my son) fragging opponents on the ground.. but next to me on the TV. If of course I had a PS3.. which I don't.. and I don't really want three consoles.. but imagine that?

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    Re: Dust 5214

    I'll be handling a news report shortly, :)

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      Re: Dust 5214

      I cannot wait to play this! Glad I bought a PS3 too! Joining corp's and fighting for them on the ground while they take planet to planet and I gain ISK while having fun in a FPS. And you can buy stuff like upgraded weapons and armor using ISK and I already have a fair share of ISK on my eve account (Hoping they let me use it; don't see why not) so im ready! Get here faster Spring 2012!

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