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So who EVEs?

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  • So who EVEs?

    So who in TG plays EVE?

    I've gotten back into it recently after what was essentially a 4 and 3/4 year absence. Right at the end of 2009 I started playing, and 2010 was the year of EVE for me. Spent mad time flying with a very dynamic band of players in nullsec. Was awesome.

    Actually, I've been gaming for about 17 years now and hyping up EVE in 2010 has to be the cherry on the cake, haven't enjoyed gaming that much before or since. I stopped playing around this time in 2011 as I had my end of school exams coming up, and never properly picked it up again until recently.

    I would be interested to do some stuff with some TG guys if anybody plays!

    ( not sure what, open to discussion :) )
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    Re: So who EVEs?

    I do not know if many people are interested in EVE, or active, but Star Citizen interest has been established and growing since its launch.

    Welcome back.

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      Re: So who EVEs?

      I like to EVE.

      Been looking to get back into it again as well.


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        Re: So who EVEs?

        I currently run a low sec corp in Eve. Love the game and just joined TG. In game name is Drizztana


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          Re: So who EVEs?

          Hi Driz,

          I would just echo what Dimitrius said above. Other than than, you may want to PM the last several people who have replied to this thread and touch base with them and see where they are at presently. And/or hang out in the EVE channel in TG TeamSpeak (do we still have one)? Many people scan the TS channels to see who is playing what, and they may see you in there and decide to join you, or at least say hello.

          Good luck, and welcome aboard!
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            So myself and two other TG Planetside 2 vets just started up again.


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              I have eved
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                Is that true that EvE goes semi F2P? I see advertismet on buy eve isk
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