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  • |TG| EVE online resurrection.

    Hi all,

    I have recently started to play the game again after a long absence, I find myself coming back over and over - I wanted to ask if there were any other like minded players who wanted to hop on to either make something together or just have each others backs and such, after trawling the forums here I notice the old public chat channel is still in service and I will be keeping it open for chatter etc with other TG people.

    On the same vein, how many of us still actively use their pilots? the game has significantly changed in the recent years and accelerated into a freemium model - much like previous iterations but non paying characters can play a lot more content under the same premise as before, with restricted access. So it might be dusting off your old characters to give the game another try, hell if you don't like it I would always take more characters and assets.

    So let me know, id love to see some TG action on a game I fell in love with ironically on the recommendation of TG members back when I first dove feet first into new eden.

    To that end, I have popped a little poll here to see the current state of any interested TG members. If we can get enough players who have better skills then me perhaps we can make a new corp - and start taking over some space, or perhaps a little sojourn in WH space. Looking forward to hear what everyone thinks. With our penchant for tactics, discussion and community, I feel we could be a force to be reckoned with.
    Yes I still play EVE and am currently active
    No I used to play EVE but am currently inactive
    No I used to play EVE but am interested in becoming active again

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    Righty, given this a little time and it seems that there aren't many people playing currently, the chat chanel has been dead ingame for me too. - SO! If anyone would be interested in either learning the game or wants to know what its about, ping me a message and I will gladly give you a little tour.

    If anyone wants to space their old toons Il gladly take them off ur hands to generate some ISK to feed any newbros who want to come along from our ranks.. I can outfit most people with a little ISK from my own coffers but I don't have infinite resources so let me know if anyone is interested.

    I currently live in an EU timezone Wormhole - but am showing a friend around the game in high security. So happy to add more people to our corps roster if not an official TG one.

    Anyone interested let me know =]


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        I can't find myself going back to EVE. Spent a lot of years there. Got a full hangar or two and some billions I'm sure. Happy to hand it over to a TGer that would make good use of it. Some of the toons and assets I have came from others in the original TG Corp.
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