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  • Beginner's Guide!

    This is crucial. Our forums here are public. They can be read by anyone, and just as in any situation the more info you can give to your enemy the worse off you are. Our corps lists the URL to this place, and so anyone who encounters us is free to come and have a look.

    No information pertaining to the corps shall be posted in this forum.

    This includes, but is not limited to, character names, places, trade routes, military strength - anything that is specific to the operations of the corps. If they know your name they can track you down. If they know where our offices are they can camp us.

    All information you need regarding joining the corps will be submitted in the TEGL forums. If you are interested in playing, make a character, and then apply for access to those forums. If you have any questions then please PM me. Thanks
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    Re: Read This Before Anything Else!!!

    Oh, and whilst you're all here, have a guide!

    Getting started

    The most important thing with starting any project like this is in locating where the most helpful resources are. Please see the resource link thread for some extra background resources. The most helpful place however is the EVE Online Website. On the left had side are a number of crucial areas to visit. The player guide is a must stop shop for the new pilot, and gives some great information on some of the most important parts of the game. That said it is highly lacking in a few areas, and is by no means a completive work on the subject. The next important area is the Item Database. This will give you the stats, facts, and figures for all the elements in the game, from the big ships to the small bullets. Finally you have a few extra areas, such as My Character, and the news page, which are useful for keeping abrest of things.

    Character Creation

    In creating a character there are a number of important steps to take. Overall however in order to create a 'good' character you will need to know what it is you want to do. Thus I would suggest that first time around if you really are unsure about what you will like to do, just create a general character on whatever feels right, and you can always make another character for proper play. Besides it's a second chance to play the face-building game!

    There are a number of key points in the creation of a character that cannot be altered after creation. One of these is his name. Many of us use our handles, many random names, more so a mixture of the two. After this you must consider the character attributes; these affect the rate at which a character learns a new skill. All skills have a primary and secondary attribute associated to them; the higher these attributes the quicker it is learnt.

    Next to consider is the race of the character. This sets the initial stats, modified by the bloodline, and also dictates the branch of opening skills you have. These skills are metered by the other choices you make (such as starting school), and really help to personalise your character as much as possible. One thing especially to look out for is the ability to take frigate skills to level 4 at the creation stage, shaving a good number of days off of the ;earn time.

    Once done, click okay, and you will be transported into the world of EVE.


    Simply do it. There is no excuse for not completing the internal stages of the tuorial.There is a slight bug with giving you a shield booster, but this is mainly going to be due to lag from the high number of players in your starter area. Once you have exited the station you only need to do about the first half of the tuorial, although it is still advised to work your way right through.

    First Days

    Running agent missions is the best way to get to grips with the feel of the game, as well as to see a few other systems. Courier missions are not particularly fun, but they are safer. At this point try and instill a few key skills such as checking for pirates on the local channel. Get used to your map and configuring your people and places correctly and neatly.

    You also need to start training your skills. Right off the bat learn something you already have a level in. To get new skills you will need to buy a book from the market, but these are not always cheap. Overall you should be boosting your learning skills first. Develop Learning, Analytical Mind and Instant Recall to at least level 4, preferably level 5. It may be a little boring to not get cool skills right away, but you will end up overtaking people who have started before you and not trained up well enough. Once these skills are there you need to go on and do the same to Iron Will and Spatial Awareness. Charisma is not so important.

    Say hi

    Finally once you are comfortable and you are settled on that character then come and join up. See the announcement forum for details on how to get into the corporate forums on TG.




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