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What would happen if you got podded twice in a row?

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  • What would happen if you got podded twice in a row?

    Say you upgraded from Clone A to Clone B, and then later upgraded to Clone C, and then you got podded. Your Clone C gets activated, and then you get podded again before buying another clone. Would you then revert to Clone B, or Clone A? Or would you stay at Clone C?

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    Re: What would happen if you got podded twice in a row?

    I believe you only get one clone at a time. So if you use up your one clone and then get podded, you're not going to like the outcome.
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      Re: What would happen if you got podded twice in a row?

      Asch is right, when you upgrade a clone you change the one you have. When you get podded if you don't buy a new clone you have no clone and will lose quite a bit of SP. I don't know the specifics on what that is though. I know you don't lose more than a certain amount.

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        Re: What would happen if you got podded twice in a row?

        The specifics on this tend to be very vague and rumors abound around this core (and very painful) penalty for death in this game. I can't pretend to know for sure either, but from what I have gathered from corpmates:

        The penalty was originally a complete loss of skillpoints down to the maximum number your current clone would allow. If you got double podded, that means you're back at square one. However, this was aparently found to be a bit too harsh and had caused numerous folks to quit the game. (And I'll bet CCP was more than a little worried about suicides or self destructive behavior over such a loss.)

        Therefore the penalty was quietly lightened. Again, I have no real idea of the specifics governing the loss, but last october a friend of mine was podded without a clone and he says all he lost was the top level of his most expensive skill. While this is still a month or two of lost training, it is nowhere near the severity of being thrown down from 20mil+ to 40k or whatever a basic clone covers.

        Whatever you may hear, my best recomendation is to simply always keep your clone destination at a station which has cloning bays, that way as soon as you pop you can buy a new clone without ever needing to risk yourself in space without one. (Unless you're working on a purely experimental basis with a character designed specifically to test the limits of being podded with an inferior clone...Don't play with the Murphy.) ;P

        P.S. If anyone can find a link to recent(tm) official statements regarding this matter, please point all of us in that direction. I'm not the eve-o forum whore I once was. ;;
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          Re: What would happen if you got podded twice in a row?

          From everything I have seen, if you are podded with no clone, its startover time.

          As stated, this may have changed over the years, but I *NEVER* ever never ever ever leave station without a clone. Ill skimp with no insurance on my ship...but doing so with your skillpoints is just...not wise.
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            Re: What would happen if you got podded twice in a row?

            Alright, first some tips.

            ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS but your clone in a station with a CLONING BAY in it. ( you can put your clone at your corp's HQ or stations that your corp has offices in and if they dont ahve a cloning bay your screwed) NEVER EVER dont do this because if you are podded and your at war you then have to fly to the station where the cloning lab is so you can upgrade.

            Also, always watch how much SP you clone has. and how much you have. try to stay up to date.

            When you get podded you get a very basic clone 30k SP i believe. and you will always have one i think. And the current policy to losing SP is somehting like this. Alright my char has 22m SP, say my clone is only up todate to 20m. i die and get podded with my out of date clone. you DO NOT from my experience lose 2m SP. you lose at the least (maybe more i dont know) 1 lvl5 skill to lvl4. now you dont have to start over completely but you have a couple hundrid SP to train so its a couple days back.

            message of the day is to NOT get podded. and honestly its simple here is my trick (helps if you have fast comp/good connection) whne you know for a fact your ship is going down .. its hard to tell with frigs but in BS you knwo for sure. find a celestal object (planet, stargate, belt, sun etc) click it. above your overview you have the buttons of what you can do. the warp to 15km is the first button, click it and dont stop clicking till you warp out. i have never been podded this way*.

            * bomberthrons dont count because they'll pop your ship and pod you in one hit

            (which you shouldnt do if you have a fast comptuer you should never be podded)




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