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What is EVE anyways

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  • What is EVE anyways

    Hey all,

    I have read the beginning of a primer that was link in another post but I am wondering about game play and didn't see any references.

    I was hoping to get a shortcut idea on what EVE is?

    Is it similar to WOW? I tried that game at a friends. While I enjoyed the ability to work with other players on goals and the overall ability to move independantly is I so chose, I did not really find it interesting. My main problem with it was the turn based fighting.

    I don't have a problem with performing tasks to improve skills, wealth or what have ya but I would prefer a more active combat play style then turn based.

    Also, does EVE have a similar monthly fee? Beyond the TG membership?

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    Re: What is EVE anyways

    Check out this link, it is for a free trial

    No turned based fighting here, plus if you get destroyed you actually lose the stuff. You don't have to preform tasks to improve skills. They are timed based and they train up even if you don't play the game. You just set a skill and it trains. It does have a Monthly fee and you don't need a TG membership (Greatly appreciated but not required).


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      Re: What is EVE anyways

      Basic interface:
      In space, your ship appears in the center of the screen. You can view your surroundings from any angle and distance and move the camera to other objects in order to look around. NPC enemies, PC ships, and space objects will appear around you in space and on an overview list on your right. The list can be sorted and color-coded to your liking and for different purposes (combat, PvP, mining, etc.).

      To engage in combat, you target a hostile and activate weapons on your ship. The weapons fire once or autofire until you turn them off, your preference. All combat is real time. The challenge is maintaining the appropriate range, speed, and angle to target to maximize your weapons' offensive power. You must also juggle damage types against their defenses, monitor your power usage, and try to keep your shields and armor from failing. There are no "specials" or "power moves" although there are multiple ways to best an enemy in combat - from sheer damage to target jamming, to power draining.

      Most of your time will be spent acquiring the right skills and equipment to outfit your ships with the most powerful rig. Skill advancement is a factor of time and cash. Equipment is mostly a factor of cash and networking with other players.

      Activities in EVE:
      1. Running missions for agents for cash, rewards, and standing. May include combat or delivery.
      2. Mining resources for cash and building materials. Low-impact.
      3. Researching and building items for sale.
      4. Trade for profit.
      5. Free-form NPC hunting.
      6. Running complexes - closest thing to instances. Standing fleets of NPCs in tiered, scripted combat waves.
      7. PvP.
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        Re: What is EVE anyways

        Nice summary, Steeler.




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