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  • EVE Soccer

    ...or 'football' for you nutty Europeans :p

    I'm bored at work and just brainstorming some ideas on how to implement this in EVE.

    Goalposts and goals

    3 ships:.........A
    .................B-- C

    A and B, A and C, and B and C activate target painters on each other at staggered intervals.

    4 ships:......A-----B

    Same idea as above.

    A goal can be verified by a third party or the goalpost players by looking at their ships from a point on the same plane.


    1 or more player on each team; each player has at least 1 tractor beam.


    - The objective of the game is to drag the "ball" - a small cargo container - through the opposing player's goal.
    - No weapons are allowed
    - All forms of EW may be used to make things interesting, but only max 2 stasis webs per team
    - Only T1 frigs allowed
    - No MWD, cloaking devices, drones
    - Game begins with cargo container between the goals, each side start at their own goal.
    - Upon scoring a goal, cargo container is placed in the middle of the playing field again and players return to their own goals.

    - The minimum # of players required to play a game is 3*2 + 2 = 8 players. (2 triangular goalposts + 2 players).

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    Re: EVE Soccer

    Hmm, sounds interesting to try once. I'm not sure on how to drag a container without a tractorbeam...perhaps you could explain that a bit more? (or show me in eve).

    BTW you guys call football a game where players walk with the ball (although i isnt round), who through it at each other and only in a few times use your who's nuts? :p (at least out football is played with the foot).

    P.S. are you (or anybody) gonna follow the Worldcup?


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      Re: EVE Soccer

      World Cup should be good fun - Australia finally qualified, but we're facing Brazil in one of our first matches :(

      Nec aspera terrent.


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        Re: EVE Soccer

        interesting idea there Tau.

        Goal posts could be made from other cans (anchored ones) to reduce the number of participants, or maybe more simply you have a 'judge' at each point, and if a can is dragged within a certain distance of them then they record it as a score.

        Would be interesting to see what the tractor beam rules could do - or whether it would just be a deadlock.


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          Re: EVE Soccer

          The reason I have players as goalposts is that the target painters are easy to see, thus making it easy for the players to determine where the goal is. Anchored cans may work, but we'll need to test it to make sure.

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            Re: EVE Soccer

            War with CONIN

            So much for soccer....... :row__522:




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