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Killing True Sansha BS's in a Cruiser

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  • Killing True Sansha BS's in a Cruiser

    Just to prove it can be done, heres fraps of me in action in a tripple BS spawn (theres only a can of the first BS left, the clip got corrupted when I tried to convert it to a different format) with a TS BS going pop all the time EST pirates in local, hence my mad scanning but that BS was worth it:

    Total value of the bounty's were 4.9m with the TS dropping a TS large armour rep (100m region), TS EM hardener and some other less interesting stuff. Not bad for 10 mins shooting in a ship worth < 10m (insurance meant loss would of been just modules + insurance so 2m max).

    Also an excuse to test editing / fraps / game settings, will try and get it a bit more readable and some proper action footage.

    I added the last clip to try and show the setup and how cheap it was:
    4x 425mm AC's, 1x HML, 1x Med Nos
    1x 10mn AB, 1x Web, 1x Cap Recharger
    1x Med Rep, 3x Hardeners, 1x Gyro.

    All T1 except a the really cheap and common web's / rechargers.

    Oh and for those certain people who said "you said you could take tripple BS spawns with that setup but I blew up" HAHA I don't lie, I never said you could do it but that I could...

    ps. Is it just me or is the footage very bright ?

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    Re: Killing True Sansha BS's in a Cruiser

    Sweet, never tried it in a cruiser but my Incursus could do it if i got some t2 nuetrons on there. The only problem is the cost.

    With 3 t2 small nuetrons i could get a dps of 80+ but no repper, if i get hit even once i guess i'd have to warp out. But once orbiting they can't hit ^^.

    Oh and i don't find it very bright. Normal really.


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      Re: Killing True Sansha BS's in a Cruiser

      I took one out in my Thorax before I had T2 guns. I was hovering around 25% armor but I hung in their and finished it off. The other BS and cruisers were just pounding away so I got the loot and ran. The strange thing is that it was at a gate so remember to always check the gates too. I had the 8 million ISK one. I haven't seen any since only a few frigs and cruisers that give me worthless tags and crystals for lasers.




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