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We left because of criminals in office!

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  • We left because of criminals in office!

    This message is to all Tactical Gamer players who wish to play Eve. I, Fencer Acrux, along with Vegabond, TGbullet, and Bodark, (all 4 of us started Eve with tactical gamer) want you to know that the guys from Tactical Gamer who play Eve, want to use and abuse you and give you nothing in return. They have invented a communist system in which you give everything you earn to them, and then if you kiss enough ass, they may let you buy a cruiser (but no T2 equipment of course!).

    If you join TEGL in the world of EVE, you will merely be a slave, doing the bidding of those who have hanger access as you trudge along without any isk or any hanger acccess yourself. If you dare ask about this policy, you'll be kicked from the corp. If you dare challenge this policy, they will try to kill you. Take it from 4 former members who know TEGL inside and out, don't play Eve with these bastards, they will use you up and spit you out. I swear to you that everything I say in this post is absolutely true.

    Your excellent friend,
    Fencer Acrux
    Universal Army Recruiter

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    Re: We left because of criminals in office!

    i guess you must have been in a different TEGL, because i also started EVE with TEGL and have had nothing but fun in this corp. I have been given more money and ships and mods then i have given back to the corp and it was given with no questions or want in return, but i have given back. Got tons of Eve friends from this corp and would gladly join it again to do it all over again. And if i remember correctly dint you as well get ships and mods freely when you where in the corp.

    seems to me everytime you post in this forum its never good just your opinion because you dint get your way. I have a feeling its gonna get locked just like the rest of your threads. how many months ago did you leave TEGL and still are whining about it.
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: We left because of criminals in office!

      First of all i'm sorry your experience with TEGL was an unhappy one, but trolling the forums with flamebait is not the way to voice your dissatisfaction. Especially after having left the corp quite a while ago, and not having any idea what this corporation has become and how it has changed.

      Second this at the very least constitues spam if not also a recruitment post. Both of which are against forum rules. Might wanna give the TG Primer and the External Recruiting Policy a read through.



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        Re: We left because of criminals in office!

        Bastards is a pretty strong word mate...

        No matter what has happened with you politically, or anything else in Eve, there is no need to insult people.

        You used to be in TEGL because you were a TG member. you had a disagreement with the other TG members who were also in TEGL at the time. Because of your immaturity then, others made a choice to kick you. This was a long time ago, and you should move on. Quite honestly, you were kicked out because you were not a team player. You can call it what you want, but that is what it is.

        Now, nearly half a year later, because of political issues within Eve, you choose to flame and swear at us here, even though those who were involved in Eve at the time have moved on (mostly) from the corp. This just proves the decision taken at the time was the right one...

        If you had stuck with the corp, and been a team player, maybe you would have realized that the people who gave the most under this "communist system" that you so rudely decry, consisted of older players (like Vulcan, and others) donated millions of ISK to the corp, so the rest of the corp (including you, Fencer) could get free skillbooks and other things.

        Maybe Bullet and others have forgotten all the free ships they got from the corp, but honestly, we are so far beyond what the corp was when you were a member, that you simply look idiotic trying to level these accusations.

        All I can say is this:

        I hope you are having fun playing Eve. It seems to me as though 8 month old grudges are not something that is healthy on a human level. Maybe you should get off the poisonous thing that is UARM teamspeak and realize that the rest of us don't really care about what Mattduk thinks.

        See you in space.
        Do or do not, there is no try....
        -- Yoda, Dagobah


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          Re: We left because of criminals in office!

          People like you are what is wrong with eve, mouthing off about something they know nothing about but think they know everything.

          You want to play the game different, fine, that doesn't give you the right to abuse others.

          There is no communist system when I left, the corp tax last I saw was 7.5% not 10% which is max. Players share stuff, get discounts on ships, modules produced.... how is this using players as slaves?

          You wern't kicked for questioning the system that was in place at the time, it was the comments like in this post where you openly attack other players that got you kicked.


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            Re: We left because of criminals in office!

            This thread has been locked and moved to the TEGL General discussion. If TEGL members wish to have this thread unlocked, please PM me.
            |TG-12th| asch


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              Re: We left because of criminals in office!

              I'm going to move this back to public and keep it locked. This is a great example of how better systems are slandered from below.

              This also shows you how Universal Army conducts themselves.

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