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How active is the TG eve corp?

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  • How active is the TG eve corp?

    Greetings all, back in the day... years ago... I played Ghost Recon with network42 and had a blast, I've been playing eve for about 2 years now, and am investigating some different corporation options...

    I really enjoyed the adult, mature nature of network42, and have lurked on TacticalGamer since the rebranding.

    My current corporate situation involves a lot of kids that frankly have no combat discipline and make running combat a pain in the ass because they just don't shut up, and the leadership makes rash decisions with out properly planning out the logistics needed for larger fleet operations... anyway...

    I'm curious about what, if anything, is going on with TG, and your eve corp.
    How active it is, etc etc etc...


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    Re: How active is the TG eve corp?

    well thats an interesting question. TEGL is kind of in a transition phase and is really not all that doing much, kind of an empire corp for the moment. We have about 6 active members and are working on moving around some ideas.

    You are more then welcome to apply or even join TEGL-public and ask some questions.
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: How active is the TG eve corp?

      Right now we are working independently in empire space, but we have a ton of corporate resources built up in several quarters, and we plan on reuniting with a larger group of allies shortly. Ideally, those entering TG will eventually have a variety of groups to sign up with and still be able to work with the wider TG team.
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