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The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

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  • The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)


    The Maelstrom Crew, having secured joint rights of a contract of war upon the alliance Antigo Dominion, joined The Cartel alliance for the duration of the contract. One goal within the contract stipulated the forceful removal of the small Gallente Tower based at Planet 4 Moon 11. In order to seize the initiative no declaration of war was made upon Antigo Dominion prior to the POS assault, in order to hope that the station had not been properly defended.

    Map of the Systems

    Lead Up

    On Mar-27 at 02:00 a battleship strike force led by Curtius (of Arcana Imperium Ltd.) attacked the Gallente Tower. After around 45 minutes the tower's shields had been taken down to 25%, initiating the automatic reinforced mode trigger. Scans indicated the the tower had a supply of Strontium Clathrate that would last for 1 day and 14 hours. The tower's internal warning system alerted the Minds of Space Corporation that the tower had gone into invulnerabilty. Although many of the tower defences would now be put offline, some defences remained active, and unable to damage the shields any further whilst the Strontium Clathrates were pumped into the shield projection array Curtius retreated his force to Elore, 1 jump out. The War Declaration was initiated, and would be active before the attack itself.

    A Large Minmatar POS with a Nidhoggur class Carrier.

    The Operation

    With both sides knowing when the Tower would come out of reinforced mode the forces began to assemble. The Cartel force will be split into 2 wings, with Commander Nikolas (Arcana Imperium Ltd.) controlling the Battleship fleet that would engage the enemy, and Khul Drukath (Maelstrom Crew) controlling the support wing that would patrol the surroundings. Intel had deduced that Antigo Dominion would be reinforced by The Core Collective alliance. No activated declaration of war existed between TCC and The Cartel, so any attacks made upon each other in security space would face the wrath of the sentry guns that surround the gates and towers.

    At 18:00 covert operations craft belonging to The Cartel reported word of a fleet build up within the shield of the Gallente Tower. As no force was able to target through the shield this was not of great concern to The Cartel. The two wings had been assembled and moved out from Elore and into Anckee. The Cartel force consisted of roughly 14 Battleships at this time, and they made their way to the Tower whilst the support wing moved to the jump gate leading into Heluene, a major Antigo Dominion home system. The initial attack proceeded cautiously, with The Cartel fleet aligning for a quick warp out because a TCC Carrier had been spotted just 3 jumps out earlier that day.

    Sure enough Antigo Dominion had set a trap. No sooner had the attack on the Tower begun than the support wing indicated that numerous Antigo Dominion ships were jumping into Anckee from Heluene. Unable to counter the superior forces The Cartel support wing warped to planet IV with no losses. Sensing the build up in forces Commander Nikolas ordered his fleet to warp to the Anckee station and dock. Shortly after the support wing, useless at this point against such an enemy force, decided to regroup with the main fleet, and docked at the Anckee station.

    A Caldari Osprey class Cruiser.


    At this point covert ops craft still cloaked in system reported 2 major events. The first was the deployment of a cynosaural field, through which jumped two TCC capital ships, a Thanatos class carrier, and a Moros class dreadnought. These ships proceeded to the single Anckee station, blockading The Cartel fleet. The second key factor was the deployment of Osprey class cruisers, which exited the shield of the Tower, and began to remotely assist in repairing the shield. Until the Tower shield had been repaired back up to 50% capacity Antigo Dominion could not online any of their modules at the station, nor refuel the Tower. With this assistance the Tower was back up to over 50% shield in under quarter of an hour, and modules were put back online.

    Bloodied but not beaten, The Cartel forces, who had only suffered the loss of one Blackbird class Electronics Warfare cruiser, set about planning for their breakout. Commander Nikolas came up with a plan that required a refit, and over the next 90 minutes of the blockade The Cartel pilots braveful ran the blockade in light ships to resupply the ships that were docked.

    In order to gather more intelligence and to harass the group Khul Drukath undocked in his pod, and warped to the Elore stargate, reentering the system and getting into a Wolf class assault frigate. Joined by KingCawk in a Jaguar class assault frigate the mission was to harass the enemy backlines and hamper any resupply efforts. The mission was unsuccessful, as a joint Antigo Dominion and TCC fleet had moved to reinforce the gate between Elore and Anckee. Swiftly overwhelmed by such odds both pilots were webbed and warp scrambled, and unable to get to safety lost their ships, managing to escape in their pods back to the station.

    A Minmatar Jaguar class Assault Frigate.


    With the ships docked in Anckee having been refitted for close range high damage warfare, the breakout was planned. Unbenownst to the allied Antigo Dominion and TCC commanders The Cartel had held four capital ships in reserve. This force comprised of three carrier classed capital ships (two Archons and a Chimera) supporting a Pheonix class dreadnought, based in Elore. Kretan bravely volunteered to carry the cynosaural field generator (a job that tends to lead in quick death), whilst Khul Drukath rounded up reinforcements from Elore.

    As the reinforcements arrived on the Anckee gate, the main Cartel fleet undocked. Waiting in the no-aggression countdown stipulated by stations to people that have just undocked Commander Nikolas assessed the enemy force. A total of 30 enemy ships faced his fleet of 16. Kretan dropped the cynosaural field shortly after the capital ships had undocked from Elore, and The Cartel fleet was bolstered as these ships jumped into the field. As the fleets opened fire upon each other the reinforcement fleet of 6 ships entered Anckee, and warped to the station.

    A combination of excellent fire control and pre-planning immediately saw The Cartel gain the upper hand, as the enemies began to take heavy casualties. Antigo Dominion forces however hung around - warping back to their POS for resupplies and back into the fight where possible. However this had the effect of splitting up the enemy fleet, causing them to lose organisation and focus. The damage being caused to The Cartel fleet was being soaked up, as fellow alliance members unleashed a storm of repair drones upon those being targetted.

    The battle lasted over 20 minutes as the two fleets fought hard to control the ground. Commander Nikolas, who had lost his ship early in the confrontation, continued to lead The Cartel fleet by undocking in his pod to view the battlescape. Eventually the fighting died down, with the remaining Antigo Dominion and TCC ships retreating from the station, whilst The Cartel fleet began salvaging from the enemy ships.

    In all the battle had been a resounding success to The Cartel, who had killed 10 Battleships, 2 Battlecruisers, 5 Cruisers and 6 other light ships for the loss of 1 Battleship, a Command Ship and a Cruiser, a total of 23 kills to 3. All Cartel pilots escaped with their pods intact, whilst 2 Antigo Dominion pilots lost theirs.

    Battle Statistics

    The Advantage

    Deciding to press the advantage The Cartel alliance leader El'Hith met with Commander Nikolas and Khul Drukath. The result was that Khul Drukath would lead a light ship fleet into enemy territory to harass the retreating and possibly refitting Antigo Dominion fleet, whilst Commander Nikolas began to arrange forces to strike at the enemy Towers. With a short 15 minute reconaissane of the enemy systems detecting no enemy, the roaming gang returned home to join the main group.

    Seizing the advantage the fleet returned to the small Tower, once again putting it into reinforced. Not content with this they moved next door into Vevelonel, strking at a medium sized Control Tower, also putting that into reinforced mods.
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    Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

    Fun times, that was a hell of a fight from my perspective. 23000 shield ftw.
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      Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

      I told ya rep drones rock ^_- (I have to take some credit somehow!)

      GJ everyone involved and great writeup (much better than the COAD one by the Cartel).


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        Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

        Originally posted by gunjunkie View Post
        Fun times, that was a hell of a fight from my perspective. 23000 shield ftw.
        what ship?
        that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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          Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

          KB link Trooper :-p

          Gun was in a Raven


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            Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

            Wow, that sounds amazing. Good writeup too.
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              Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

              Very nice writing, wish there was a cinematic video!
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                Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

                There are a couple fraps of the battle, which are being worked on now. When one gets loaded up I'll link it from here.


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                  Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

                  Since this time The Cartel have successfully engaged in a further 2 actions.

                  The first battle took place in Hare on Mar-30. Having killed an aggressing Thorax cruiser and chased off a Scorpion class battleship and an interceptor single handedly in his Megathron class battleship, Champs d'elise rounded up a small fleet to attack the hostiles. Antigo Dominion responded by assembling their own fleet in Oruse, waiting to jump in our our ships. However unbenownst to them The Cartel had moved a probing ship into position, and scanned down the Scorpion from its open space hiding point.

                  The Cartel fleet jumped in on this point, quickly killing the Scorpion and Malediction. Late to respond the remainder of the AD fleet jumped in from Oruse and warped in a disorganised fashion to the quickly dying Scorpion. In this situation they were easily picked off as they arrived in.

                  The Cartel made 10 kills (including 3 battleships) for the loss of only a single Rifter class frigate.

                  Battle Statistics

                  The second battle took place on the Elore gate in Anckee on Mar-31. About to lead a fleet out to deny the enemy territory Khul Drukath was alerted to the presence of an inbound Antigo Dominion fleet. Quickly rallying additional support a fleet was assembled on the Anckee gate in Elore within 3 minutes. Initially the fleet was assembled in a defensive posture, with ships at optimal and a carrier waiting in reserve. However worried that the enemy might warp off Khul redeployed his fleet onto the gate and warped in.

                  The battle that followed lasted around 10 minutes, in which the entire Antigo Dominion fleet, barring a Caracal class cruiser was destroyed, with the enemy FC Sister Bliss losing her Vulture class command ship and her pod being destroyed. In return The Cartel fleet lost a battleship and a battlecruiser. Total kill count was 11 - 2, with 6 enemy battleships destroyed for the loss of one.

                  Battle Statistics

                  For the 3 major fleet engagements The Cartel lead 44 kills to 6, 19-2 ahead on battleships.


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                    Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

                    I don't play EVE often, so I don't know much about The Cartel. But it sure does sound like they're the Spartans of the Space Age to me.
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                      Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

                      You guys are kicking arse! I think I might drop out of uni, quit my job, kick out the misses and come back.

                      Keep the reports comming...


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                        Re: The Battle of Anckee (Mar-28, 18:00)

                        great write-ups. Even though I don't play EVE anymore, I still thinks it's such a great game.




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