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The Move To 0.0 Space (with pictures)

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  • The Move To 0.0 Space (with pictures)

    Just a few screenshots I took on a Monday with the story behind the operation they were taken during.

    Why 0.0 and what is it?
    Being mercenaries, pirates, anti-pirates… basically shoot anything that moves, a decision was made to gain access to 0.0 space. 0.0 is lawless space, controlled and fought for by player corporations and alliances, and the best location for one of the most basic ISK making methods, NPC ratting. While you can make ISK in multiple ways in EVE, trading, mining, mission running, invention the easiest for a combat pilot is blowing things up.

    Access to 0.0 was organized during the week and finalised on the Friday, as Saturday and Sunday are busy times in EVE it was decided that the bank holiday (in the UK at least) Monday would be when the move would take place.

    With the move being decided and just the details to be finalised the Maelstrom Crew pilots were informed to get ships, modules, munitions and general equipment ready to be transported to 0.0.

    Many thanks to TEGL for the help transporting the vast amount of gear across empire space to the carriers start point.

    Setting Off
    A small gang set off before midday on 7th from low security space (no concord police but still has sentry fire) to head to the relay station a few jumps from our chosen system.

    The original plan was to get there before DT (1 hour daily when the EVE servers are stopped for maintenance) but being new to the area there was some standing problems to be sorted causing delays.

    Problems at the Destination
    Eventually the small gang reached the station, again to find standing problems, they couldn’t dock, and the locals who we saw as blue were trying to shoot the gang. The gang managed to stay safe then run to a friendly station, me (being a lazy git) woke up and logged on around this time to be met with the problem, so after much shouting in my very bad French at the locals, standings were sorted and the gang could return to dock. I then cheated the 40+ jump trip by jump cloning (you can have multiple clones in EVE, and jump between then every 24 hours) to a clone I had from living in the region previously, it put me only about 5 jumps away from the gang and destination station.

    The Main Logistical Move
    With standings and docking rights sorted we could then begin moving of the POS from empire, which would be our home in 0.0 through the use of a capital ship, the carrier MCS Yarrrvister.

    After jumping from empire to a relay station in 0.0 the carrier was then in jump range of the gangs station. A cynofield was deployed for the carrier to jump to:
    PIC: Carrier During Jump To Station 1
    PIC: Carrier During Jump To Station 2
    PIC: Carrier After Jump To Station 3

    The carrier was then able to dock at the station and pass the POS and fuels to an Industrial Hauler to carry and deploy at the nearby system.

    Deploying The POS
    The gang set off from the station escorting the hauler with a scout checking the next system in the route to keep the hauler and its important delivery safe.
    The trip went uneventful arriving at the destination system, the hauler went about deploying the POS:
    PIC: POS
    PIC: POS and Mammoth (Industrial Hauler)

    With the POS deployed by anchored at a moon then switched online (15 minutes for each process) the POS shield was switched on, to protect those inside it:
    PIC: POS Shield Active

    With this protection the hauler then dropped another cynofield for the carrier, which could move its cargo by jumping direct to the POS from the station:
    PIC: Carrier Jump To POS

    The MCS Yarrrvister then went about deploying defences and logistical parts at the POS:
    PIC: POS Facilities 1

    The Final Moves
    With the POS fully deployed a further two carrier trips were made (3 jumps each time) to move player ships, modules, ammo and fuel for the POS.
    PIC: POS Facilities 2

    Overall from setting off to finishing the main logistical move it took over 12 hours. Special mention to the pilot of the MCS Yarrrvister and to our dedicated CEO Wulfyn who organized the logistics and was present from start to finish of the move, who did a hell of a lot of work. Without that effort this move would of taken a lot longer time and at much greater risk flying everything through space.

    Thanks to all the pilots involved for there time and effort in keeping the move as safe and quick as possible.

    See you all in space ^_^

    p.s. I've been deliberately vague about details like char's/pilots, regions/systems and such so please don't go posting details as the general public doesn't need to know ;).

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    Re: The Move To 0.0 Space (with pictures)

    Great write up!

    Amongst doing other things this move was about a week in the planning. Everything from designing the setup and layout of the POS to the diplomatic negotations with the alliances who lived around where we were moving to. The co-ordination and teamwork required to pull something like this off for a small corp like ours was top class and I'd like to thank everyone for their efforts in helping it happen.

    Final big thanks to grumpy himself ^^ ;) I know you can;t thank yourself but you played as big a role in this as anyone else. Cheers dude!


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      Re: The Move To 0.0 Space (with pictures)

      Exciting stuff, congratulations!
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        Re: The Move To 0.0 Space (with pictures)

        Nice work! Can't wait to see it up close.
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          Re: The Move To 0.0 Space (with pictures)

          A great example of the kind of teamplay opportunities Eve provides.
          Do or do not, there is no try....
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            Re: The Move To 0.0 Space (with pictures)



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              Re: The Move To 0.0 Space (with pictures)

              sounds like a good job, well done.




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