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  • Haven't Been in for a while

    Sorry guys. I haven't dropped off the universe (yet ;)) but I was having a really rough patch at work and i've been approaching MMO burnout for some time now. Currently all my mmo's feel like i'mjust pushing plastic men around without a good drive to succeed at anything. I've been in this slump before and the best thing is to take my mind off the games in question and do something else.

    So i dusted off my BF2 disc and have rejoined playing Project Reality with the TG server, 2142, etc. Lets see how i feel after a bit..

    Anyone else had this problem?

    <04:11:24> *** You are now talking in channel: "TFP - Task Force Proteus"
    <04:16:25> "|TG-XV| Tralic": this channel is so gay
    DICE needs to make a comical boxing glove attached to a spring punch the player in the face 40% of the time they get into a helicopter or jet.

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    Re: Haven't Been in for a while

    I think everyone does. I know i've hit a couple patches like this. Actually I founded MCrew during one such period (fed up ratting aimlessly everyday and wanted a new challenge). Most times I do what you do tho, log in less and play a few other games until the bug bites again.




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