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  • Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.


    Last week we were contracted to declare war upon a mercenary alliance called Legionnaire Service Ltd (LSD). They had recently declared war upon an alliance called E.A.R.T.H. Federation (EFED), and it was our job to not only inflict economic damage upon LSD, but more importantly to defend EFED fleets and prevent further losses.

    This was going to be a tough contract, and although we had faced a few alliances before, including in our last contract vs Rough Necks, it was the first time we were going to pit ourselves against a dedicated mercenary outfit. Tensions were quite high pre-war, but everyone was optimistic and we trusted the guys were flying alongside.

    The cogs in the brains of the MCREW leadership were whirring on overdrive as we sought ways that we could gain an advantage. Of our 4 previous alliances we had faced 3 were anti-pirate (usually industrial corps that work together to blob pirates) and 1 was pirate (usually people that are good at either gate camps or jumping on individuals), and they were pretty easy to counter. LSD was going to be a different task altogether, as experienced mercs they knew the tricks and tactics that we would employ.

    And looking at their killboards it was clear to see that they vastly outclassed EFED. In just 3 days they had destroyed 13 Battleships, 4 Battlecruisers and 12 Cruisers as well as some other smaller ships, for the loss of 1 Battlecruiser and 1 Cruiser. A total of around 500m isk worth of damage per day was not something even an alliance like EFED would be able to cope with for long.

    In the end our tactic was just to wait and see. We would fly only cruiser sized ships and smaller seeing what we could learn about the enemy. This suited us well, as it has before. We are very comfortable in smaller ship classes, with most of the corp prefering ships of this nature to larger heavier ones. We would minimise the expense of any early losses we suffered, and most importantly we would force LSD out of any middle zone of ships. Our experience at cruiser sized combat left us feeling comfortable that we could take LSD on at this class. If LSD moved into battleships then we would be hard pressed to beat them without a significant numerical advantage, but battleships are slow so they would be easy to track, and possibly to isolate.

    We assembled around the systems of Amarr, and 13 jumps away around Beke, their 2 key systems, and we waited for CONCORD to sanction the war.

    The early hours 06-July

    War started on the morning of the 6th July, but due to LSD being primarily a US based corp there was little action during the day. MCrew's EU timezone was much stronger than LSD's, so the few enemy pilots that were on at that time could do little but wait until reinforcements arrived. This gave us the strange situation of camping the enemy - usually we are at a numerical disadvantage so we rely on fast movement and co-ordination to hit the enemy and fade before they can muster a response. Not so here - we had the run of Amarr to ourselves.

    2 enemy pilots, Athlonman (Myrmidon class battlecruiser) and Chaotic Peace (Abaddon class battleship) were docked in the Emperor's Family Academy station in Amarr, and so we set about locking the system down. As we were mainly in cruisers we could not risk a head on attack. The enemy ships would undock and hang around at the docking point of the station, so the worry for us was that if we attacked they could just pop a few of us and then redock. Although any hostile action will lock a station or gate from your use for a hort period of time, these particular ships would have little trouble taking the punishment we would be giving, and managing to wait out the timer and redock before any serious damage had been done.

    We needed a trap, and so we decided to use Xarthaginian's Brutix class battlecruiser (the little brother of the Myrmidon) as bait. With a joint MCrew and EFED fleet moving into position Champs d'elisee grabbed the first kill of the war, chancing upon an enemy thorax. Some 30 minutes later (slow due to us helping EFED with setups) we were ready, and Xarth warped in.

    The enemy took the bait and aggressed, at which point our large fleet jumped in, desperate to kill the enemy before they could escape. We were successful and managed to destroy both the Abaddon and Myrmidon, but we lost the Brutix bait ship in the process. Overall not a bad trade.

    to be continued...
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    Re: Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.

    The Awakened Eye 06-July

    Later that day MCrew forces joined up with EFED forces around Beke to try and put more pressure onto the enemy POS systems. Due to a lack of targets and a report of a build up of enemy forces in Amarr the fleet headed back down, with MCrew fleet commanders briefing EFED pilots on some pvp basics.

    When we arrived in Amarr little was happening. A few MCrew pilots sat around the Emperor's Family Academy, with the rest hanging 1 jump away. Then Legionnaire's struck. Amassing their forces quickly they undocked in half a dozen battleships. Although heavily outnumbered these ships had a large amount of firepower. Making sure the guys in system we safe the pilots next door were ordered to retreat a few jumps towards Jita. Unfortunately some miscommunication saw the loss of 2 Earth Federation pilots, who were cuaght and killed.

    During this time I was only intrested in seeing if LSD exerted any specific behaviours, but this was not the expectation of the EFED fleet who seemed unhappy to be told to retreat a couple more jumps, and then to dock and allow themselves to be camped. However MCrew pilots were solid enough to understand the reason, and kept a tight hold over their actions. MCrew lost a cruiser keeping tabs on the position of the enemy fleet, which had chased us to Kaaputenen.

    No other significant action occurred that day.

    Daily results:
    Kills: 2 (BS x1, BC x1)
    Losses: 2 (BC x1, C x1)
    Fails: 2 (BC x1, C x1)

    Vigil 07-July

    The following day very little happened, with MCrew forces holding key systems and forcing enemy forces to remain docked up. The only action was a solo effort by earthless of MCrew, who caught and killed a Retriver class mining barge. LSD responded by isolating and killing a Badger class hauling ship and a Kestrel class frigate.

    Later than night an MCrew taskforce consisting of Zammo Bahrut, Fabullite and Nickhastapee jumped into Pashanai, near Beke, and engaged a hostile group. This resulted in the destruction of 2 LSD ships (and Armageddon and a Drake) for no losses. Later on Nick also took on an enemy Prophecy class battlecruiser alone, winning the fight.

    Daily results:
    Kills: 4 (BS x1, BC x2, MB x1)
    Losses: 0
    Fails: 2 (In x1, F x1)

    The Kaaputenen Rope-A-Dope 08-July

    MCrew forces had now achieved near complete domination of territory over LSD forces, and our time mainly comprised of roaming around, hoping that any lull in our activity in one area would draw the enemy out of their stations in the hope we could catch them offguard. Such an action occurred in the system of Alenia (near Beke), where a taskforce consisting of Inara Tam, Fabullite and Fat Cobra intercepted a hostile LSD force.

    Cobra lost his Kestrel in the engagement, but MCrew forces managed to destroy 2 battleships, an assault frigate and an interceptor. Clearly unhappy at the steady losses they were taking the LSD command tried to do something about it. They amassed in Amarr, and the build up in enemy activity prompted the majority of MCrew pilots to relocate back to the Domain region, still flying the cruisers and smaller ships that we had been for the entire war. A small number of MCrew pilots remained around Beke to keep an eye on things, and earthless and Erichk Knaar were rewarded when they engaged and killed a Drake class battlecruiser for no loss.

    Unbenownst to either LSD or EFED pilots, the MCrew leadership had hatched a plan. Noting that a couple days ago LSD were eager to undock from Amarr in chase our frigate gang orders had been issued for MCrew pilots to move their battleships into Kaaputenen, and dock them up. Although no specific mission was set for these resources pilots were told to ensure that they were combat ready at a moment's notice.

    MCrew pilots were then sat at distance from the Family Academy station in Amarr when LSD forces consisting of 5 battleships and a battlecruiser undocked. MCrew pilots were ordered to retreat to the Ashab gate, and to hold. LSD forces persued, and MCrew began the cautious game of retreating only as far as was necessary. Too fast and we would lose an enemy we wanted to follow us. Too slow and we would either be caught and killed, or the enemy would smell a trap.

    As it was the timing was just right. As MCrew pilots warped to the Kaaputenen gate those with battleships were ordered to jump in immediately and grab their ships. Those without were to hold until the enemy arrived so that they could be drawn on. The remaining part of the MCrew fleet did their job excellently, and soon the LSD fleet was in Kaaputenen sat on an outbound gate. Romeo Johnson had the unenviable task of drawing enemy fire, and did so in a Stabber class cruiser, a ship that is well known for it's ability to evade the fire of larger guns that would be fitted on the enemy ships.

    With the larger MCrew fleet warping in with their big guns the battle was woefully uneven. LSD managed to kill just one MCrew ship (a Tempest class battleship), but in return lost all 5 of their own battleships, as well as the battlecruiser. Even worse news was that one of the LSD ships was a Navy Issue Raven, a military varient of the standard Raven class battleship that was worth around 7 times as much.

    LSD forces did not undock again that day.

    Daily results:
    Kills: 11 (BS x7, BC x2, AF x1, IT x1)
    Losses: 4 (BS x1, C x1, F x2)
    Fails: 0

    to be continued...


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      Re: Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.

      Nice report. Nicely played.
      In game handle: Steel Scion


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        Re: Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.

        Awesome job, guys. Sounds like you're simply crushing these LSD dudes.


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          Re: Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.

          I don't know what it all means, but it sounds like you're kicking some serious butt! Good work!


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            Re: Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.

            Isolation in Flight

            After this incident things started to get a bit quiet. As so often happens after a one sided conflict the losers get wary and tend to lay low, a perfectly normal reaction. MCrew stepped back into smaller ships and resumed our previous operations, trying to once again tempt them out with smaller ships.

            At this point one climactic event happened that had a major impact upon the war. UEI, a member corp of EFED left the alliance. Shortly after we were told by EFED pilots that LSD had dropped their wardec with them. Unbenownst to us the actual target of LSD's campaign had not been the alliance, but just that one corp. However as you cannot isolate a corp from its alliance with a declaration of war, LSD had to engage them all. This no longer being the case they had no reason to keep the wardec active.

            Ironically UEI, who had abandoned their allies in a time of need by leaving the alliance had in fact done them a great favour.

            At this point I decided to check with the client what our instructions were. However the client was not available, and as such we continued to press on as last instructed.

            For whom the bell tolls

            Before the war we had done some scouting in LSD's home system of Beke, and had found a number of lightly armed stations. Initially our plan had been to try and attack these stations in order to cause more pain to LSD in the hope they could be frightened off. With this no longer being necessary we decided to switch our plans to instead bait them out.

            MCrew, with some EFED allies and Sionnach of The Devil's Rejects assembled in Beke. The POS in question only had 3 large artillery cannon in addition to numerous smaller weapons. We were happy that we could sustain the damage caused by the smaller guns, but we had to knock out the large guns. Fortunately for us these weapons are very slow moving, and find it hard to track a vessel even as large as a Battleship if it is orbiting close by. Fortunately for us all 3 large guns were deployed in close proximity.

            We warped the fleet in, and a cynosural field was deployed, which provided the beacon we needed to jump in our own carrier, the MCS Yarrrvester for her maiden engagement. Each gun took around 12 minutes to immobilise, during which the number of enemy pilots in Beke rose from 2 to 14. We had certainly done a good job in drawing them in. Having disabled the weapons we then played a small game of cat and mouse. The result of which was that the enemy fleet had amassed at a jump gate, and the MCrew fleet were at a planet.

            The MCS Yarrrvester was the first to warp in.

            Quickly taking stock of the situation we had 4 enemy battleships at the gate with a further 3 at range. The Abaddon class battleship is an potent weapon and would need ot be dealt with quickly. It was backed up by 3 Hyperion class battleships in close proximity. At range were 2 long range battleships, an artillery fitted Maelstrom and a Raven. They were backed up by a Scorpion class battleship; this was possibly their deadliest weapon, as a Scorpion fitted with ECM modules can easily knock out the targetting ability of several enemy ships.

            The MCS Yarrrvester quickly deployed her figther drones and sent them towards the Scorpion, the hope being that it was unlikely to kill the enemy but could force the ship to warp away from the battlefield, buying us vital time. The rest of our fleet, mostly BS with a few support, warped in shortly after, and Champs d'elise's Megathron was quickly taken into hull, it's defensive shields and armour stripped away by the combined enemy firepower.

            Immediately we rushed to it's aid, deploying logistics drones to repair the damage before the hull was breached and the ship was lost. It was a losing battle, as although most of the enemy damage was being absorbed our targetting computers indicated that champs was still taking more and more damage. Then 2 key events swiftly turned the tide in our favour.

            Our primary target, the Abaddon, had been using smartbombs, powerful but short range pulses that had been knocking out our logistic drones. Unable to sustain the heavy damage output of our fleet it was destroyed, and we moved onto targetting one of the hyperions. Secondly one of our faster Heavy Assault Ships had managed to fly at good speed to the enemy Scorpion, jamming it's warp engines and preventing it from fleeing the battle. Unable to escape, and with little defenses fitted it was also destroyed by the fighters, who re-acquired onto the Raven.

            Shortly after the first of the enemy hyperions was destroyed, and with the reduction in enemy firepower we saw that champ's armour was now recovering. Seeing that they were losing LSD rolled the dice and warped in their own carrier, an Archon. Just as it arrived the fighters forced the Raven to warp away, and the second Hyperion was also destroyed, as we began upon the third.

            And then the node crashed.


            In hindsight the server dying probably saved their carrier. A severly damaged Hyperion and a distant Maelstrom was all that was left to support it, whilst we had not lost a single ship. The server was pretty ropey when we logged back in (the Hyperion pilot reporting that he only had about 10% hull left, about half a volley from any of our BS). Although we could have taken advantage of the confusion we decided to loot the field and then leave. We could have made things awkward for the enemy but there is no joy to be gained off of kills made in this way.

            Shortly after the client contacted me and informed me that we could halt the war whenever we felt like it. Although the terms of the contract specified that we had every right to continue through to the predetermined expiry period (collecting kill bonuses along the way) the corp agreed that we were not in this to screw people over for cash. The client no longer needed our services, and so we retracted our war against LSD.

            Daily Results:
            Kills: 6 (BS x4, Indy x1, F x1)
            Losses: 0
            (No Fails as LSD had retracted their war)

            Total Results:
            Kills: 29 (BS x14, BC x7)
            Losses: 7 (BS x1, BC x1)

            Damage Caused: 2.26bn ISK
            Damage Sustained: 0.14bn ISK

            Before MCrew involvement EFED lost 41 Ships in 2 days. During the 5 days of MCrew involvement they lost just 5.
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              Re: Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.

              Hell of a job guys. Wish I had enough active time to join the crew for some of the glory, but alas, it's just mission running and random hunting for now. Very nice AAR though.


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                Re: Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.

                Nice write-up Wulfyn. It was an excellent contract for us. You guys might be interested in the view from the other side:


                I thought it was a pretty fair description of events. One of the most interesting things about this contract is that it involved two mercenary outfits going at it, and that we both did what our clients asked. There's no doubt that we accomplished our mission, however, LSD accomplished their mission also. So, even though we came out on top as far as kills and such, LSD did what they were hired to do. That's a victory in itself, although perhaps a pyrrhic one given their losses to our fleets. During the last fleet battle, it's a very good thing we attacked the smartbomb abbadon primary. Otherwise, the tables could have easily turned on us.

                Still, kudos to our fleet commanders and everyone involved. Despite many hours of boring camping and patrolling, we continued those activities and took advantage of every opportunity the enemy presented us.


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                  Re: Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.

                  Yeah it was a bit strange in that sense because the objectives of the 2 merc corps were not aligned. Usually a contract or counter dec will involve direct resistance, but it was made clear by our client that UEI (after they left) were not to be covered by the contract. That meant that we achieved our objective of supporting EFED forces (to which the client was very happy), and LSD achieved their objective of forcing UEI out of the alliance.

                  In fact pretty much everyone saw an ironic justice in UEI leaving the alliance to escape the war only to then be the sole focus of LSD and to lose the assistance of EFED and us. Sadly many of the good UEI pilots were dropped in it (after their corp left the alliance they were preparing to leave their corp to rejoin an alliance corp to help them in the fight, and much respect to them for it).


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                    Re: Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.

                    That's a pretty nice efficiency rating and writeup. Actually, I may be tempted to do one for the current Outbreak campaign, once it ends. It's been fairly boring, but I guess it might be interesting to get an insight into how we operate.


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                      Re: Contract vs Legionnaire Service Ltd.

                      Yeah that would be good to hear, and I'm sure all the Eve followers (be they a player or just one of the guys that likes to read battle reports) that read this forum would be interested - I know I would.




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