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Outbreak's curse campaign

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  • Outbreak's curse campaign

    Our campaigns are divided into Stages, with each Stage having a clearly defined start point, end point, and deadline/objectives.

    Stage 1 - IAC
    Our primary target for this stage was IAC. Our objectives were threefold:
    1.) To shift everyone into Utopia.
    2.) To control Upper Curse.
    3.) To inflict at least 1bn ISK worth of losses per day on IAC, while maintaining an efficiency of at least 66%.

    This was a fairly basic stage. Our primary aim throughout it was to attempt to convince the local rats that it would be a bad place to camp for the next few months, while announcing to IAC that we were here. Upon arrival we settled into normal routine - small gangs of fast, T2 ships roaming through Upper Curse, occasionally launching attacks deeper into Curse, with fleets formed when one of the gangs reports a hostile buildup. This was an incredibly successful stage, with several freighters being destroyed. IAC were reduced to attempting to block OB gangs in chokepoint systems and camping them out - once again, the small unit doctrine we all subscribed to paid off. Within three days we were up to 1.25bn damage per day against IAC, and rising. Regular forays were now being made into IAC space.

    The stage ended 23 days after it began. Catastrophic fleet losses and absolute annhilation by our roaming gangs had pushed IAC's losses per day up to 2 billion.

    The Journey North
    Will post this in a few hours when I get home.

    Curse Stage 2
    This stage is still ongoing.

    EDIT - I feel it necessary to add a disclaimer. This has been an easy campaign, with relatively little resistance. Therefore it's not going to be that great to read.

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    Re: Outbreak's curse campaign

    Sounds like you guys are mopping the floor with IAC. Very cool.

    Also, dont feel too bad about it being uninteresting because it was an easy campaign. Sometimes it's fun to hear about a struggle against overwhelming odds, sometimes its just as fun to hear about being able to walk in and own the place with a smile and a flex of your guns. Good stuff so far!


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      Re: Outbreak's curse campaign

      Besides, we all want to learn your seeekrets! ;)

      Looking forward to the expanded stories :)




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