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  • afternoon all

    I used to be a TG supporting member playing BF2142 (and I'll be re-subbing for this at the end of the month).

    I've been away from BF2142 (and TG) for a fair few months, but have recently got back into BF2142 thanks to the First Strike mod.

    I've played EVE a couple of time (usually for 6 months at a time), but found it a bit too time consuming to actually get anything done...

    Anyway, I'm giving it another go and I'm downloading the client as we speak. I've only ever had 1 character (Gravitas Moque) and I see that I've got 5.7 million skillpoints.

    I can't remember where I was based last time I logged off (I'm really hoping I didn't cancel when I was still in 0.0 or things could get interesting really fast), but I'll be dropping by you merc public channel SOONtm ;)

    Can't remember what I was flying last time, looks like I may have been aiming for Assault ships, I remember I had a BC, Hauler, a Miner and a couple of frigates, so I'll have to see what I have, where it is and see if I can pick this up again.


    the interface is looking much prettier than it did, I got to work out how to change the music though.

    Where abouts are the Mcrew based? and are you looking for members :)
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    Re: afternoon all

    Drop buy in the public channel and just say high. We aren't really based out of one area because contracts move us all around. We do have offices that you can apply at though. We pvp most of the time and are always looking for people who want to participate in pvp.




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