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where is TG operating out of

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  • where is TG operating out of

    I just registered with TG for their activeness in 2142 and apparently EVE (wich is a bonus)
    ive been playing for about 7 months and am operating out of Caldari space near jita for missioning and such
    im a bit of a carebear
    and i can fly battleships so far
    just under 10 mil skillpoint
    ingame the name is
    Pavel Checkov
    hit me up and point me in the right direction..
    you guys do missioning in gangs sometimes right?
    or mostly PvP?

    -teh bag

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    Re: where is TG operating out of

    I don't know if there is an established TG Eve group anymore.

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      Re: where is TG operating out of

      Most members who started in TEGL (TG's original corp) are now in MCrew which is a merc corp founded by Wulfyn. We recruit from the EVE community but we have a lot of guys from Tactial Gamer in the corp. We are based around Jita area but we dont stick around one area much, we go where contracts tell us to go so we travel around a whole lot. Contracts take us all through empire and out to 0.0.

      We dont really run missions together but their is no reason why, we just end up doing pvp most of the time. Between contracts and during down times people mission run and do other things too. If you want to try pvp we can teach you the ropes.

      Join the MCREW-PUB channel in-game if you want to talk more.


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        Re: where is TG operating out of

        Turbo put it best. I just started Eve about a month ago myself. If you join the channel, it might take them a few minutes to respond to you, but they will get to you. I don't have the lightest idea on how the dynamic PvP works in Eve yet, But they are helpfull and a good mature bunch. If you see me in game, my main is Mordona and my alt is Eroak.
        The soldier formerly known as, Eroak.

        From the TG Primer: 2) Create an environment where there is
        mutual respect for your fellow gamers
        and where all members
        would be working together to advance the enjoyment of their hobby.
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          Re: where is TG operating out of

          I just started playing and the guys there are great! I got a little boost from a certain indiviual that shall remain unnamed, and they really helped me figure stuff out. Missions are WAY better than that stuffy ol' mining when starting off.

          I'm Neotheinner in game BTW.


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            Re: where is TG operating out of

            I have been playing eve online off and on since 2003. Would be nice to hook up with some of you guys in game if possible. I have suspended my account because it got old with noone to have fun with. It me up at [email protected] if you wanna chat or get on teamspeak. I might be getting back into it in the future.




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