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Back to TG and hitting EVE now

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  • Back to TG and hitting EVE now

    Last time I was here it was WoW, got bored and headed to EVE and I still like it today.
    My experience with corps and alliances has been less than stellar (corp war-dec, members smack talking in local etc) so I'd be great if a TG corp provides a much more interesting experience.

    My main is Thenoran and mostly aimed into Industry, getting around to Invention.
    I do have some war skills (1mil in Gunnery and 1mil in Missiles and all relevant shield skills to 4) and posses the following ships:

    Rokh (from my mining days before I got a Hulk, not really useful in missions though)
    Raven (missions)
    Drake (missions)
    Ferox (fun & missions (I love turrets))
    Caracal/Moa (early days)

    Attributes all hover around 21-22, with Charisma at 19 as lowest and Memory at 24 as highest and the rest in between.

    Current skills state my best war skills would be Medium Hybrid Turrets (+5% dmg implant for those) but I can use Large ones on my Rokh as well (fleet sniper or blaster)

    Also got a Mackinaw and a Hulk for mining purposes.
    The last time I was in 0.0 with an alliance (Hydra) it was basicly a disaster, never got around to mining, forced to camp gates and stations for hours without getting a single target or to find a target that we can't take down and thus waiting at the POS for hours.

    If such is the life of 0.0, I would prefer doing Industry in Highsec, I got most industry skills to 4 or 5 and mostly maxed out mining skills (except mining drones and Exhumers V).
    I don't mind losing ships, provided we return the favor to whoever we shoot at. ;)

    Currently I'm in a solo corp trying to get my standings up for placing a POS in High-sec, I'd be more than glad to join a TG corp and have some fun.

    So...could I fit in and if so, where?

    BF2 Name: Thez(NL)
    BF2142 Names:
    Thierry(NL) (Sniper)
    Dikkiedik(NL) (Assault)
    Kittekat(NL) (Engineer)
    Dimi(NL) (Support)

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    Re: Back to TG and hitting EVE now

    The largest contingent of TG players are in Maelstrom Crew. Most of us started out in TEGL (TG's corp) and then moved on with Wulfyn to Maelstrom Crew. MCrew is primarily a pvp corp but we have a source of industry also. We did mercanary contracts for over a year including a contract in which we smacked Hydra around, sorry. :) But we dont do contracts anymore and have just gone for pvp mostly.

    Instead of talking more in a public forum visit MCREW-PUB in game channel or convo Khul Drukath or myself tgTurbo.




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