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  • Hey Everybody

    Every time I click on this forum, I see people viewing it. This time, there were five. However, I never see any new posts! You may think I'm surprised, but since I've played Eve since 2005, I just know that's the kind of person drawn to this game. :) So I want to post this to get people talking. A couple of you I have met in game (my in game name is FeralShadow as well), but for those of you I haven't, post here. Tell us what you're doing in this game now, what you think about things (maybe the alliance tournament), and where you're going in the future!

    I'll start -

    I've played this game since '05 like i said. Over the course of my Eve career I could write an autobiography if I really wanted to, of all the places I've been and the things I've done. Starting off as a newbie, I joined a corporation called White Nova Industries. The most notable thing about this time is the fact that I mined ore in a destroyer, and I won a corporation frigate tournament, awarding me my first battleship, the Raven. However, at this point in time I couldn't even fit cruise missiles on it, so I flew it around with heavy missiles lol. WHT joined Interstellar Starbase Syndicate (ISS) alliance, and moved to 0.0 where we called Tenerifis our home. Probably a year went by, and I felt things were way too cushy. I wanted more action. So, I joined the major alliance in that area, Lotka Volterra (LV).(to give you an idea of the time, this was about a year before the "warp to zero" function was introduced; at this time I probably had about 7,000 bookmarks that would allow me to "warp to zero" to the gates, as "warp to 15" was the closest we could go) Not sure if any of you know of or remember LV, but it was a major player in the south eastern regions. Then Goonswarm was formed, and they decided to come out to Tenerifis, and through many many skirmishes and fleet battles, GoonSwarm successfully blobbed (lagged) their way to victory, and we were pushed back to empire. I was with the executor alliance of LV, named M.Corp. They and I then set our sights up north in the Branch region, where Mercenary Coalition and a couple other aliances existed. M.Corp formed another alliance, called M. Alliance (iirc) and got allies up in the Branch region. However, the other people in the area didn't take kindly to us moving in, so once again we were in a major war. After some battles and losing some more ships, I decided enough was enough, and I took an eight month break from Eve. During this time, I came to learn when I came back, M.Corp actually made a truce and eventually allied with the people they were fighting, and now they exist up in Branch peacefully.

    When I came back to the game, my brother decided he wanted to play with me as well. Prior to leaving I had moved everything back to empire and after getting used to the game again, my brother and I formed a corporation called Crimson Death Syndicate. We recruited a bunch of very good members, many of whom I'm still good friends with today, and we took contracts (mostly from industrialists or carebears that were being greifed by another corporatoin) and had a lot of fun pew pewing the baddies and being mercenaries. We were pretty successful and had a decent stream of contracts, but at one point it lulled and members became severely inactive so I decided it was more work than it was worth keeping the corporation going (plus a botched attempt to move to low sec with a POS with an alliance that didn't know what they were doing) and dissolved the corporation. My brother (Merc504) and I then joined White Nova which were still in tenerifis region, as I knew they were a good group of people, and really stable, and they were always happy to have me. At this time, Against ALL Authorities occupied the area, and they knew what they were doing. Kicking out other alliances with ease, and having an extensive jump bridge network, they were able to do incredible things. During this time, WHT and myself decided to have a little PvP op, where we put all our things on a carrier, jumped it out to an enemy system, and stayed in that system basing out of the carrier killing enemies. With our damp/cloak raven setup with dictors on the gates, we got many good kills and it was a lot of fun, but it was quite hard getting enough people to show up. Once again, though WHT proved to be boring after a while, and Merc and I decided to try something different in Eve and become Drug lords, and so we did. We packed up our things, found a corporation in Hedonistic Imperitive, a well known drug production alliance, and moved out to Fountain where we set up a POS and started creating boosters. He and I each made over 2 billion isk in the drug bizz (yes it is EXTREMELY lucrative, but VERY illegal), and then the Executor corporation of the alliance Es and Whizz went through a bout of having their accounts hacked (which is probably due to keyloggers on their computers, which they would only get from macro miner or isk selling sites!!!) and also accused by Pandemic Legion (the people who held Fountain) of one of the leaders' alts using the POS exploit. So no questions were asked, we were labelled as enemies, and we packed up and moved back to empire. However, instead of waiting for HEDON to get their crap together, merc and I decided to cut it, sell my carrier, and take our boosters, and move on, since both of us at this point had a goodly amount of isk. So, we looked around, and looked around, and we found REPO alliance, a notorious group of empire mercenaries. We both joined, we're having a lot of fun, and that's where we are now! Merc's using a Guardian logistics ship, and I'm going to be flying an Astarte command ship in about 10 days. We should be able to kill everything that way :).

    Alright I admit that was long-winded but I find it's extremely interesting to read peoples' stories like this!

    Share your own stories!

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    Re: Hey Everybody

    Well i'll throw in my story aswell.

    LuthorS Harkon is my name (really want it changed -.-)

    Started back in 07 and have been playing the game on and off since, I'll play for awhile then quit when I start getting bored.

    When I first started playing I jumped in with a corp to run missions but found this so boring I needed something better to do so I went on a trip to 0.0 space I didnt last long and die to my corp not wanting to touch 0.0 I quit for awhile

    After I joined up again I decided I needed a 0.0 based corp, I found a small corp joined and got straight into the action, had some good times but the corp wasnt suited for holding any ground in 0.0 and it folded after awhile, after that I quit again which brings me to now.

    Just got back into the game and have found myself with no isk, 3 ships with no fittings and in a corp that is moving to 0.0 to fight BoB, Pandemic Legion and others, should be interesting

    My name: Adept a skilled or proficient person Abyss a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity
    So I'm a very skilled deep hole :D


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      Re: Hey Everybody

      Lol dont go with em. I definately suggest finding what you truly like doing in the game, and do what it takes to get there. Getting a source of income is good too. If i need cash, usually i run some missions until i get a decent base then go pew pewing.
      "If you want to taste the ground, feel free to attack." - Kenshin Himura


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        Re: Hey Everybody

        Hi, my name is Vortex and I'm an EVE addict...

        ...oh wait, this is the wrong place, isn't it? :D

        I originally started playing EVE back a year and a half ago but it was so alluring that I stopped after only a month or two (plus the corp I was in was moving to 0.0 space and we had a very bad ambush and I decided it wasn't worth it).

        So saying, I left for a long time but saw the ads for it and eventually met this guy in 2142 called Feralshadow. So after blowing up his tanks a few dozen times we actually had a conversation and he mentioned to me that he was an EVE player. This got me thinking about it and about two months ago I took the plunge and started out with a fresh character and fresh stuff.

        After a few weeks of starting out I decided to join a corp, so I became a part of a corp called the Ankh of NOD. Seemed decent enough - small corp, getting started, had goals and such, but after awhile our CEO decided to accelerate the timeline. So saying, with a dozen members we joined the IMPERIUM Alliance as part of their mining ops. Sadly, things with them didn't work out too well as we started losing ships (and members) left and right.

        Eventually everyone chose to go their own way.

        After a week or so of slumming around in Empire I got to wondering just how many people played EVE. Seeing as I'd introduced it to Spulat of the 55th and Echo of the AIR was a player, I had the idea to form a new TG corp. So that's where I stand now - CEO of my own corp, currently two players strong. :D


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          Re: Hey Everybody

          My mains name is Erichk Knaar. I started playing in 03. Joined a corp (corps didn't really have to be a something corp back then) called Draconic Industries. Learned the game, some industry, some pvp, etc. We used to live in Lonetrek. That corp dissolved in late 03, and I needed to take some time off for work things. I came back in early 04, and basically missioned, produced stuff for sale near Torrinos and, er, ransomed people with an alt for most of 04. Left due to work again until about mid 05.

          Most of the TG crew joined Eve late 05, and that tale is well told in other place, but to recap. TEGL was formed and we basically started getting people used to the game. A few of us had played for a while, but most were brand new. We shunted around for a while until we ended up settling in losec in our first alliance. WE through many wars with notable Eve mercs until that alliance folded. A lot of that wave of TGer had moved on to other things (James315 being particularly notable, Marn being another one). Some of us stayed with TEGL and joined another kind of fail alliance in providence. It was irritating, but it did provide PVP.

          Wulfyn, in the meantime, had formed MCREW. Most of us eventually ended up there, doing mercenary work. When MCREW closed at the end of last year, I still wanted to merc, so I joined Noir, another fairly successful mercenary corp. It's been fun so far. Corp definitely follows TG principles, although not in any way affiliated. I fly most things, but still love cruisers mostly. Currently favoring a Lachesis with a 55km point :)

          Were currently on contract to harrass empire operations for some of the GKC affiliated alliances. I will be in MCREW-PUB when I'm online.
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