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  • Dominion

    Who's excited? I'm excited. :D

    Dev Blogs:

    Sovereignty - Breaking the Chains

    Sovereignty: Emergence is Neat

    Dominion - The Capital Battlefield

    Print 'Hello, World'

    Full list of planned changes.

    Fixing Sov, Fixing SuperCapitals. I am way more hyped for this than I was Apocrypha. How about you guys?

    -Echo SE
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    Re: Dominion

    Good to hear, will finally see some worth of being a smaller corp in 0.0

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      Re: Dominion

      Hopefully those system claiming anchors aren't irritating like POS's and will be enjoyable to destroy. Imo tho it seems like its going to be very difficult to destroy and capture a hostile alliances system w/ those disruptor anchors. A 12 hour period of which they can be destroyed means the attacking alliance will have to defend their disruptor for 12 hours and have an easy flow of ships in and out of the system, and if that disruptor is destroyed it goes back to square one w/ the defending alliance going invulnerable w/ their claiming anchor. Will be interesting though.


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        Re: Dominion

        Disruptors are 100k HP Shields and Armor. Not really a hard target. Defending them while they online will be the new focus of pvp. The Sov claiming structures are 50k/50k.
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          Re: Dominion

          /me is excited!!!

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            Re: Dominion

            I'm sort of excited, I guess? Barely had time to acquaint myself with Apocrypha, let alone another complete overhaul like this. Now I won't even have been able to witness the lag-inducing AoE Titan superweapons... *sadface*...

            It's kinda like joining WoW during BC only to have WOTLK come out 3 months later... You missed the best of everything and now have an even HIGHER goal to reach.

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