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  • Pod-Pilot Reporting for Duty

    Hi there Tactical Gamer, I'm reporting for duty and am looking for friendly, active players in a corporation who know what is what and are willing to accept a long-time EVE player into their ranks.

    Pilot Name: Michael Cerularius
    SP: 12,831,000
    Race: Gallente
    Can fly: All Frigates Except Interceptor, Covert Ops, Force Recon, Combat Recon, Logistics, Battleships, Mining Barge.
    Specializations: Drones, Scanning, Cloaking, Repair, Mining
    Class: Engineer (Pre-Apocrypha)
    Location: Gallente Space, willing to travel.
    Standings: L4 with Fed Navy, Need to work on Amarr/Caldari again.

    I've been playing for quite some time and have been in and out of large player carebear corps as well as doing two tours in 0.0 fighting the Russians in Curse. I spent six months living in WH space as a forward-observer, logistical coordinator, intelligence personnel and security staff, but left there after determining the Corporation I was in was not for me. I have a girlfriend who plays as well, though not as frequently. She can fly torp-ravens, covert ops and stealth bombers. I was once a member in TTI (Taggart Transdimensional Industries) I'm highly competent and know how to PVP, Mission and Wormhole.

    My particular skills are in logistical coordination and operational planning. My next goals in EVE are to work on my leadership skills and get myself either into a navy battleship for mission running or earn enough cash to field a dedicated PVP ship I can afford to replace. I do normally fly a trimarked megathron for PVP but am looking for something a little cheaper to lose. Right now I own a single underfitted battleship, a cruiser and some assorted frigates. Lost near-everything moving to 0.0. I also make videos. My current portfolio of EVE Online videos are as follows:

    Coalition of Free Stars Industry Promotional:

    Coalition of Free Stars Does L4's:

    Coalition of Free Stars Apocrypha Exploration:

    If the leader is filled with high ambition and if he pursues his aims with audacity and strength of will, he will reach them in spite of all obstacles.
    -Carl Von Clausewitz

    'The Great Game' -Blog on War in Afghanistan:



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