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Eve Online Tactics and Information: Skills and Attributes

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  • Eve Online Tactics and Information: Skills and Attributes

    A "Skill" in Eve Online is an item that is represented by a "Book" that can be bought off the market, or rewarded as a tutorial mission reward. This book allows the player to "Train" the skill in question unlocking new ship classes to be flown, or new weapons to be used, or increase effectives of certain Items and ship systems.

    All skills in eve online have 5 levels, each level of training requiring more "Skill Points" then the previous. Making the training time of skills "Geometric" in growth and the bonus from skills "Linear" in growth. As each level of skill is a certain percentage bonus gained and each new level becomes progressively harder to train.

    All skills in Eve Online are placed in groups, such as Gunnery, Drones, Electronics and the like. All skills with in this group are given the same set of governing attributes. Each skill group has a "Primary" skill and a "Secondary" skill attached to it.

    When the game tells you how long a skill will take to complete, it is take 100% of the primary attribute number and 50% of the attribute number, adding them together and multiplying them by 60 to get your "Skill Points Per hour".

    So the formula is: (Primary + 0.5Secondary) *60=Sp/Hr

    "Ranks" are a flag placed on a skill that determines how much SP the skill requires per level.

    A Rank 1 Skill will require a total of 256,000 SP to achieve Level 5.
    A Rank 2 Skill will require a total of 512,000 SP to achieve Level 5.
    A Rank 3 Skill will require a total of 768,000 SP to achieve Level 5.

    Each "Rank" of a skill makes that skill more likely to 1: Have Prerequisete skills that are required, and 2: makes it more difficult and time consuming to train each level. All this information can be found in each skills information tab by right clicking on the skill book and selecting "show info."

    Hopefully this information is helpful to all.

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