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  • Guide to Mining

    These are my thoughts on mining operations in EVE. I offer no guarantee on their accuracy or credibility - they are just procedures from personal experience, and some minor thoughts that came to me in a vision. Or maybe a FAQ. There were lights and I think a badger. Anyway, if you have insights into better, more efficient methods, please post them.

    Basic Solo Mining
    If you are running around by yourself in a frigate with no additional support, the most basic form of mining looks something like this. Find an asteroid belt, turn your mining laser(s) on a juicy rock, fill your hold, and jump back to base to put it in storage. This is the least efficient way of doing it, but it may be necessary at certain points in your career (even late in the game).

    Optimal ship load out:
    - 2 Mining Lasers
    - Expanded Cargo Hold
    - Scout Drones

    Make a bookmark to your favorite section of the asteroid belt so you can immediately begin mining when you warp in. None of that "moving to station-keeping" rubbish. Time is money. Practice making your bookmark 15km past where you actually want to stop, so that when you warp in "within 15km," you land right where you can work.

    Drones will form your defense against NPC pirates. As you advance in rank and ship size, you can eventually keep two flights of drones in your hold - Miners to increase your ore output, and Combat drones to take out nasties.

    If you run into anything that your drones can't handle, run. You have no vested interest in this location, so leave and set up shop elsewhere.

    Canister Mining
    Canister mining uses two types of ships - normal combat craft and industrials - together to optimize your rate of ore output. If you yourself have both a mining ship and an industrial hauler you can take advantage of this technique, but it works best when used in groups.

    Find a nice spot to mine as normal. If you have multiple ships, keep them within a few km of each other if possible so the hauler has a short route to fly. As your cargo hold fills up, Shift-click on the ore in your inventory. This will allow you to split it into stacks. Create a small 1 unit stack, right click on it, and select "jettison." You will now have a small canister floating outside your ship.

    Right click on the canister and rename it something clever, like "OMG TG is the roxxor with these roxxors." Or maybe "TG Mining 0800GMT" to indicate the time the can was created. You know, if you feel like being SQUARE about it.

    Cans will last several hours, but they will eventually decay (taking their contents with them into the cold of space!) It is a good idea to destroy them and drop a new one every so often.

    You can now stuff this can to the brim with ore. Drag and drop from your hold to the can as you mine. Make sure to leave that 1 unit stack in there so the can always has something in it. When you get more than 5000 m3 worth of ore there, it's about to time to call the hauler.

    Go back to HQ and grab your industrial, or better yet, have a friend do it. Grab the contents of the can (except for the 1 unit stack, remember) and head home for processing or storage.

    If you are in the same corp or gang, you can open each others' cans without a problem, but if you open a non-affiliated can, you may be flagged as a hostile. The can's owner could blow you out of the sky and CONCORD wouldn't lift a finger.

    Optimal ship loadout:
    - Mining craft
    - Mining drones
    - One or two pilots with combat drones for defense
    - Hauler packed with cargo expanders and boosters

    Sneak Mining
    The most valuable ores are in hostile 0.0 space, where empires are built on the shattered remains of unlucky pilots. The outer alliances defend their territories visciously, and the NPC pirates out there are no pansies, either. If you don't care to join a PvP war or pay the alliances for the right to use their space, you have to be sneaky. A sneak mining operation is risky and takes a little time to set up, but it is the cheapest way of getting high quality ore without getting involved with the alliance wars.

    Location, location, location. You will need to scout out a system with three things: 1) The type of ore you want in significant quantities, 2) Minimal hostile forces (stay out of choke-point systems or places with useful starbases), and 3) Access to a nearby reprocessing plant. Processed minerals are much lighter than ore, so you want the reprocessing to take place somewhere close, but in a generally safe area.

    Once you find a place to your liking, you will need to scout your system and find a place to hide your operation. It is possible to jump to midpoints between locations within the system. Get a fast craft with a microwarp drive, select a direction with few obstacles, and power off into the darkness. You want to find an anchorage off the beaten path, where scanners and recon drones are unlikely to find you.

    Once you have your location, set some waypoints. Then sneak home and fire up your hauler. Load up on heavy cargo containers (this will take a few trips). You will need Leadership > Anchoring I to place these in space. Sneak out to your new base and build a constellation of containers. Lock them - make sure only corp people have the password. Name them something unintelligible or innocuous. If a random scan of the system turns up an object called "TG is st34ling ur rox OMGLOL!!!11!!!," the local thugs will come a-knocking.

    This will become your ore depot. Your fleet of miners can now scour the surrounding asteroid belts and drag the ore back here for storage. Use ships with large holds and fast boosters, and try not to work alone. Be warned, pirates can find you anywhere eventually. The more time you spend in the area, the more likely you will be found. Every few days, have an industrial swing out here and unload the canisters.

    Make good use of bookmarks so that you warp in exactly where you need to be to mine, use a canister, or hit the jumpgate.

    Don't Kill Rocks
    Rocks die. They wither and crumble into space dust when greedy miners strip off too much ore. Help prevent this tragedy - bring a mineral scanner. These modules will tell you how much usable ore you can take from the rock before it poofs. Do NOT rely on the radius property in the info box, use the scanner.

    Asteroid belts will regenerate over time, but they take significantly longer to generate whole new rocks. Rare ore fields especially so. Prune the garden, don't rip it all out.

    If you are collaborating with a corp in your mining, one or two people should make it a point to advance up the Refining skill tree. This will get you an overall better yield from your ore and increase your profits substantially. This is especially critical for the high-end ores with low yields. Refiners can also specialize in specific ores to get the most bang for your rock.

    There are a few other elements of mining to consider:

    The new thing in mining is the new Mining Barge. I don't know much about it, except that it can sweep a system clean in a matter of hours. We should get one of these.

    Mining water resources is a new thing necessary for maintaining a starbase in 0.0 space. It is a seperate skill tree and technology tree - I don't know enough about it yet.

    Big organizations can now mine entire moons for massive construction projects.
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    Re: Guide to Mining

    Good stuff steeler thanks man!

    - -


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      Re: Guide to Mining

      what we need is someone to join one of those pirate factions and then we can just use them to do all our bidding and i cant wait to get a hauler
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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        Re: Guide to Mining

        the rock popping is ok in empire space now with recent updates, however in the case of 0 space and very rare asteroids, the no pop rule is in effect!

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          Re: Guide to Mining

          Originally posted by Steeler
          The new thing in mining is the new Mining Barge. I don't know much about it, except that it can sweep a system clean in a matter of hours. We should get one of these.

          Mining water resources is a new thing necessary for maintaining a starbase in 0.0 space. It is a seperate skill tree and technology tree - I don't know enough about it yet.

          Big organizations can now mine entire moons for massive construction projects.

          Don't like 2 people in corp are using barges?


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            Re: Guide to Mining

            This is the public area so i'll just say we have 4 people at this moment who can use mining barges.

            If you want to know who ask me in game.


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              Re: Guide to Mining

              I cannot edit this thread, so the header post will not be kept up to date.
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                Re: Guide to Mining

                How to use roid scanners

                Make sure the autorepeat is off. To do this, right click on the actual scanner icon in your HUD and change it's mode. You will know autorepeat is on if the scanner keeps going on and on and on... you don't want that.

                1) Have an asteroid locked. One.
                2) Turn on your scanner.
                3) When you get the results, sort by name.
                4) Look for your name of roid in the scanner.
                5) Start right clicking on them in the scanner when you find one that displays "Unlock Target" then that is the one you are mining.
                6) As you mine, just activate your scanner now and then.
                7) When the scanner results come out, remember where the scroll bar was and click on that to scroll back to the same spot. Then you can check your locked rock again.

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