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  • General tips

    1) Bookmarks (Insta-jumps):
    • When you warp to something, you stop 15klicks short. Here's a trick you can use to make a jump safer and faster.
    • Run your route in a shuttle. Warp to the stargate, but don't jump. Instead, fly straight past it 15klicks. Stop, and make a bookmark. Do this for every warp, both directions. (Name the bookmarks so they're easy to use. Like, "Route1-To-1" and "Route1-From-3" If you're running "Route 2", and going "To" the sell point, just go in order. On the way back, use "Route2-From-#" bookmarks in sequence.)
    • Now get in your hauler, and don't use autopilot. Instead, manually warp to each bookmark, and you will come out of warp RIGHT NEXT to the stargate. Right-click and immediately warp out. Faster and safer. Unless you're warp-scrambled by some VERY READY AND ATTENTIVE player pirates, you're gonna be ok.

    You can set bookmarks anywhere - not just at stargates, of course. You can set them at stations.
    Miners! HEED! Set insta-jumps to a stargate, or your station-of-choice in the system where you're mining, or both, as needed, to get docked.

    2) Safespots
    • Warp to some distant location.
    • Somewhere in the middle of that warp, create a bookmark.
    • Now you can warp directly there, and it's impossible to get to you.

    3) Overview settings
    • Get in space. Look at the top right of your screen. See the Overview?
    • Click on the arrow next to Overview, and open "Overview Settings"
    • You can change whatever you want to customize the display.
    • Changes to the "Types" and "???" tabs can be saved to a profile that you can name.
    • I have profiles like "Navigation" (Stations/gates only), "Combat" (Ships/drones/turrets only), "Hiding" (Players with low secRating or at war with me)

    4) Shortcut to lock targets
    Lock on target: ctrl + mouse click on target in overview

    5) Tagging targets in the overview
    • The gang leader can "tag" targets in the overview window.
    • Enter an asteroid belt, and note 3 targets
    • Gang leader right-clicks one -> Tag -> with Tag "0". He continues with the other 2, using tags 1 and 2 as well.
    • Gang leader says, "Focus fire on Tag 2" ... etc.
    • Players need to add the "Tag" column to their overview in order to see it.
    • See above for directions on opening "Overview Settings"
    • Choose the "Columns" tab. Check "Tags"

    Using this feature allows easy identification of priority targets.
    "You live and learn. Or you don't live long."
    - Lazarus Long

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    Re: General tips

    Good stuff, StrikeFear...thanks...I'm going to work on each one!


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      Re: General tips

      Update to 2 As an update to point 2, better yet is to get off the star lane entirely. Do exactly as Striek suggests, and then warp to the bookmark. After this set a warp to another random point in the system and warp there. At a point along it set another bookmark.

      Your final safe bookmark will now not (unless you are unlucky) lie on any direct point-to-point route in that system. A great place to hide, or wait to jump on other people in the area.

      6) Drop effects
      The gfx of the game are good, but you don't want to be doing all this when it means you could die. Learn the following binds to reduce game lag and give yourself a better chance in combat.

      SHIFT+ALT+F12 (toggles sound)

      SHIFT+ALT+E (toggles all effects)

      CTRL+T (removes windows, esp useful if you are about to be destroyed and you need to warp your pod asap)
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        Re: General tips

        7) 0.0 Systems that really aren't
        EVE security, which runs from 1.0 to 0.0 is simply the rounded true security. (True Security runs from -1 to 1) This has some odd consequences though. For instance, your security status isn't suppose to be lowered if you attack another player in 0.0 space. But since 14 systems that are 0.0 actually have a true security > 0, you will still get a security hit in these "0.0" systems:
        1. Anath
        2. Balas
        3. Egbinger
        4. Espigoure
        5. Feshur
        6. Hophib
        7. Karan
        8. Naga
        9. Pemsah
        10. Sakht
        11. Skarkon
        12. Vestouve
        13. Yekh
        14. Yiratal
        "You live and learn. Or you don't live long."
        - Lazarus Long


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          Re: General tips

          Thanks alot, the overview tip is exellent. When we settle in I will be using the stargate one as well, good work!


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            Re: General tips

            Nice strike fear, are there any more of those keyboard shortcut listings?

            I would love to have those since the new updates. If you have a link please provide. :D

            - -


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              Re: General tips

              There are none, other than the ones listed in the options panel (Hit esc).
              "You live and learn. Or you don't live long."
              - Lazarus Long


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                Re: General tips

                You can configure many of your own shortcuts in the options, tho...if that helps.


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                  Re: General tips

                  Control-R reloads all your guns

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                    Re: General tips

                    Control-F9 removes/returns the user interface to your screen. Great for screenshots.

                    Nec aspera terrent.


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                      Re: General tips

                      Hmm i think i read something that said that if you jump to a safespot they could still find you with scanner probes or some specialized equipment. It may not be true i have no idea really. I guess if it was it would take a while to set up though.


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                        Re: General tips

                        Shockgun - this is true, if they have the skills and equipment fitted. Otherwise, of course, local chat is a good way to still 'see' who is in system.


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                          Re: General tips

                          If I'm not mistaken, you can find anyone anywhere in the system by using your ship's scanner.
                          Look at the Helpful Links post - and see the guide for using the scanner.
                          "You live and learn. Or you don't live long."
                          - Lazarus Long


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                            Re: General tips

                            The scanner is a great way of getting details on nearby objects and as a starting place for locating something/somebody, but it will not take you to anything. Also, note that it has a maximum range of approximately 14 aus.

                            As for Safespots being impossible to find that is far from the truth.(Especially since they added scan probes.) I actually happen to be a specialist in finding and cracking safespots. Generally I can find simple ones in as little as 5 minutes and any SS (even out to hundreds of au away from the sun) in something between 30 minutes to 2 hours. On the plus side there aren't all that many people who do this, and it does take specialized equipment to do efficiently. Also, I would really have to have a pretty good reason to want to find you because it does take a considerable effort.

                            If you really want to be difficult, however, you could make a couple of bookmarks all over the system and warp from one to the other every few minutes.(For as long as you're feeling paranoid.) This makes it extremely hard to be caught and is actually standard practice for large fleets in 0.0.

                            About instas, as I'm sure some of you have found, making them 15km behind a gate can sometimes mean you warp a little past it when you use the bm. Therefore I have found 12-13 km to be the optimal range for making sure you come out of warp right smack on the object you want.
                            Combat is very simple, there is a first place and a second place. Second place is laying face down in the mud...sometimes, so is first place.


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                              Re: General tips

                              scan probes are essential to those safe spots. Lots of ships lost the first week those came out.

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