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The differing ship types

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  • The differing ship types

    I want to understand the various ship types more.

    Can you guys explain the basic differences between the frigates, destroyers, cruisers, etc? I mean, other than that they're each bigger than the other.

    As a player advances, is there any reason to stay in a frigate? Do we all aspire to battlecruisers?

    3) Support game play in a near-simulation environment. Where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine.

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    Re: The differing ship types

    i can actually only answer the second question..i was told by some ALTZ boys that dont just zoom right to the biggest ship..with out the right skills you are basicly a flying point in haveing the big ship if you cant fly it or outfit it..

    they told me to stick with cruiser...find out what i wanted to do and train all the skills i could for it...the cruiser is a good ship and it can take alot of different modules, and with its power grid you are able to do alot of things...they also told me the Battleship or battlecruiser is only really needed in PvP situtations, which in this case im not sure you all want that.....just figure out what you wanna do in the game and then look at all the skills you will need to be the best at that...also there are tech2 of most ships which give you more power and shields and such
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: The differing ship types

      I just read this article that gives a nice overview of the types:


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        Re: The differing ship types

        Need skills to fly anything properly. I recommend having atleast 2.5 million SP before flying a Battleship. I have 3.6 million and i want more effeciency.

        Battlecruisers are probably around 1.5

        Cruisers i recommend 1 million sp to fly them with great ability. Cruisers are one of the most effective class of ships mainly because they really have specific abilities and don't cost an arm and a leg.

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          Re: The differing ship types

          I totally agree. Just so there is no misunderstanding, no one is suggesting you stay in smaller ships for the rest of your eve career, but, getting into a bigger ship as soon as you can will kill you very quickly. Vulcan's guidelines look pretty good with regard to the skill points you need to "qualify" for each ship class.

          Remember that your skills in combat are greatly boosted by getting both the skill that allows you to fire the weapon, as well as the ones that let you fire faster and hit harder (or the equivalent for EW, shields, etc).
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            Re: The differing ship types

            Originally posted by gunjunkie
            Remember that your skills in combat are greatly boosted by getting both the skill that allows you to fire the weapon, as well as the ones that let you fire faster and hit harder (or the equivalent for EW, shields, etc).
            Don't forget about skills that will keep you in the battle longer, shield skills as well as skills that allow you to increase cap/cpu/powergrid or reduce the ammount that is used by your modules.

            To answer the question Tempus asked, its all about Potential. Each are potentially better craft if the user is skilled and it is used in the right situation.

            Cruisers are bigger than frigates so can have more modules, they are also more powerful (cpu/powergrid/cap) so can run more powerful equipment. If fitted with the correct weapons they can beat frigates easily. They are however much bigger ships so are easier to hit, slower, less agile so if a frigate gets close to you and you don't have rockets or extremely close range weapons your in trouble.

            I assume this sort of thing continues up the ship tree. The big ships won't even feel a frigate shooting it unless there are lots of them, but if there are lots of cruisers with bigger stronger weaponry they will hurt it. Its all about setup, a cruiser setup for frigate destruction will be in trouble if it runs into larger ships.

            This is my understanding, please correct any mistakes.


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              Re: The differing ship types

              hello all

              ive just started EVE and have my first frigate. Cruisers seem a long way off!

              Any advice on the game ....

              How do i join our corp?



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                Re: The differing ship types

                One major thing that makes EVE very different from other games is that you don't get your stuff back when you die. In general what this means is...


                Also, when comparing base ships don't just look at size or health or damage. Make sure to check out speed and agility, these play a massive role in combat. Small fast ships can fare very well even some rough situations that may have taken down a larger craft. As a bonus, these smaller craft tend to be less expensive and easier to get to flying comfortably skillwise.

                A favorite medium-range goal that I like to point beginners to are interceptors. They only take a few skills at level 5 to use and with some decent fitting and support skills they can be devastating.

                As proof I have taken a crow (caldari missile interceptor) through just about every level 2 agent mission under the sun and many level 3 agent missions as well. It's speed means that most hostile turrets simply can't track and hit you, and it's agility allow you to get away and warp out rapidly when needed.

                Anyway, my main point is that you should always try to use the smallest, fastest craft you possibly can which still has the neccesary firepower to break the tank of the enemies you plan to face. (Plus, you'll be glad you picked a fast ship when you have to go make an ammo run...I still can't believe how slow battleships are on the rare occasions I fly them.) ;P

                I would love to share some more information or spend a little while chatting with any fellow TGer who feels the need, so feel free to look me up in-game. My character is "Lago Morph"
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