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T1 Cruiser Gangs for newer corporations/players

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  • T1 Cruiser Gangs for newer corporations/players

    Many players are new to eve and ahvent got the SP to fly HaC's or Capitals or HiC/w/e.

    Especially when it comes to new corporations that havent got an established 0.0 industry side, when it comes to replacing ship losses and providing gear for the members to pvp with.

    So the ideal situation and strength in this case is numbers and turnout. I found that in this kind of situation if you create large blobs of T1 cruisers fitted for buffer tank and max DPS, you can melt any tank of any t2 ship in seconds. You will lose quite a few people on every roam, but the key concept to remember is that if you lose 4 caracals to kill a single HaC, you win by efficiency: (you just made the enemy lose over 90mil whilst losing only 10-16 urself.

    My ideal makeup of a t1 cruiser blob would consist of Caracals fitted with: (strictly no t2/expensive gear - entire makeover should cost no more than 4mil)
    5 heavy Missile Launchers T1/Named with Faction ammo
    A Microwarp Drive, Medium Shield Booster, 2 Invul Fields(possibly remove one and add a Sensor booster with scan resolution), 1 Large Shield Extender and a choice between a target painter, a warp disruptor or a stasis webbifier (each ship brings a different one so u have a selection of everything).
    2 Ballistic Control systems to really put a punch to your heavy missiles.

    Drones: 2 Amor Repping Drones

    Key Concept:
    Caracals are one of the most agile T1 cruisers ingame, if not THE MOST (look up agility bonus). It has an incredibly fast alignment time and combined with the sheer firepower (200DPS) you can take anything on in numbers.

    There will be a lot of losses on this side of the battle as caracals havent got a T2 tank, however if you do lose your caracal you can simply jump into another one and rejoin the battle these ships are incredibly cheap and with the insurance you get back from it you can pay for your modules/ammo.

    You will need numbers in excess of 20-40 to make this sucesfull, strict alignment disipline and firing orders must be constantly given out. The whole fleet must be aligned to some object at EVERY single encounter so the fc can bail everyone out if the fighting is too intense.

    There is overall only 2-3 buttons to press/activate on your ship and even a monkey can do it, this is nothing complicated and any new player can take advantage of this.



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